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Much like Yuri!!! On Ice, this one snuck up on me over the course of 2016, until I had enough recs that I could no longer justify not having a separate post for it. While I have never played the game, I have very much enjoyed the world-building content that Blizzard provides and the fandom has been lovely. LAST UPDATED: 8/24/17.

It's High Noon (Somewhere) )
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Like much of the world - at least the part that participates in fandom, figure-skating, anime, or a mix of all three - I have been delighted by the plot developments of Yuri!!! On Ice (the three exclamation points are obnoxious, but I've resolved to be accurate when it comes to titles). It's rare for any form of fictional media to have openly gay characters in healthy relationships, but in a sports anime it's practically unheard of. This anime about a slumping skater who catches the attention of the bored prior-gold-medalist, and consequently gains him as his new coach and eventually his lover, is really breaking new and fun ground.

How about that Episode 10 reveal, though? )
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but Tumblr and AO3 are going crazy for it, and the fandom seems like a good fit for my tastes. Incidentally, 99 44/100ths of Kingsman fics are fix-it; apparently no fans are putting up with Harry's death. So unless the fics otherwise stray from the main storyline, I won't bother marking them AU. Also, all fics are Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin unless noted otherwise.  EDIT: finally watched the film on 8/14/15, and well worth the wait it was. However, I will now be looking for more gen fic, as the actual spy stuff was what appealed to me the most in the film.

This ain't that kind of movie, bruv )
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I might as well admit to getting pulled into this one. Maybe I'm missing something, but I do not see why 95% of fic must be Derek/Stiles. The recs below, while necessarily full of Derek/Stiles, are a healthy mixture, with an emphasis on Stiles.  

LAST UPDATED: 6/7/14. Unless otherwise noted with a "S3", the fics listed were written or begun prior to Season 3, and do not incorporate any Season 3 canon. Warning! Season 3 (A and B both) comes with multiple character deaths, so unless you have seen it or don't mind spoilers, do not read fics marked "S3".

Teenage Werewolves... That's Original )
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Since the X-Men, Ironman, Thor, Captain America and all those avengers were cluttering up my posts, I'm going to stick them all together.  
LAST UPDATED: 1/2/17: After seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, I have been able to mentally toss out most of the X-Men films and create a "good parts" trilogy of X-Men, X-Men 2/United, and X-Men Days of Future Past. Hurray! This also means that I have a new fondness for post-1973 Charles/Logan fics.

That's absurd. And... fantastic )
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I really liked the Reboot of Star Trek, and was moved to look up fic almost immediately after I went to see it in the theater.  Luckily for me, there's been a lot of good fic out already; oddly, I was satisfied so quickly by the fandom that within months I was tired of looking for new stuff, so the recs here are all I'll be reading, ever (give or take a surprise).  I also have a very few fics for Deep Space Nine and the Original Series.

The oldest slash fandom, semi-officially )
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This is a fandom I can blame wholly on Ciceqi and her "Mascot" series. I suppose that makes this a 2006-onwards fandom, although I mostly read WIPs that I started last year, or re-read older fic.

LAST EDITED: 9/2/17; just cleaning up links.

My mother, that's who I need... )
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Naruto fandom, for me, is a guilty pleasure sometimes. You see, the Naruto fandom to me is all about Naruto himself. I think the canon post-timeskip is screwing him over, and I like the opportunities fandom gives him. EDIT: now that the manga is done, I can say that the final chapter screwed everybody over, to a remarkable degree for an ostensible happy ending. I don't care for the Boruto next-generation stuff, either.

Stories are gen or non-romance-focused unless otherwise marked. With so many SIs and OCs, I split them into a separate category. LAST UPDATE: 1/13/17 - just updating which fics are active WIPs.

A genius of hard work will beat a natural genius! )
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I can blame this fandom on Ciceqi, as well. She turned to writing FMA after her stint with Saiyuki (or maybe that's reversed) and I followed. :D Only the 2003 anime, with manga!Ling as a fun addition; I can't keep track of the manga, and some of what goes on there seems a little too cracktastic even for me. Plus, I like the idea of the Alterworld.
EDIT: 8/15/16; I started reading a couple of new epic length fics and rekindled my interest. There's some more manga and 2nd anime based fics mixed in now.

Equivalent Exchange. )
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After the movies came out, I really liked LotR. Believe me, I cannot get through the books, ever: by the second book, I'm down to reading only the parts when hobbits are around, because everyone else is boringly epic and purple-prosy. Since the women in Tolkien are essentially wallpaper with names, naturally excepting Eowyn, this is mostly, if not entirely, slash recs.  

LAST EDIT: 3/26/14, for more The Hobbit fics. Note that some of those have multiple excellent female characters, for once. I am grateful for Tauriel's existence. My taste in The Hobbit fics runs down two tracks: humor, and Fix-it fic. 

Gondor has no king. Gondor *needs* no king. )
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Harry Potter was, no lie, my Big Name Fandom from 1999 to 2003. We parted ways after book 5, but I occasionally drift in via crossovers or specific authors. I particularly like the characters of pre-OOTP Harry, Snape & Draco (probably due to the 3-Year Summer and the fanon it created), Neville and Luna in any context, and Percy Weasley (whom I still feel was cut a raw deal).

Harry Potter, or, How I Stopped Reading and Learned to Hate the Canon! )
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Here featuring as many fandoms as I show tags for. :D 

Since over time my number of recommendations for certain fandoms has decreased with the loss of fic archives and so on, I'm putting the fandoms that used to have their own entries in here. That includes Yami no Matsuei, Jeeves & Wooster, From Eroica with Love, Good Omens and Pirates of the Caribbean. If there's less than 5 active recs, it goes in here.

LAST UPDATED: 8/27/16 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is awesome. 4/26/17 While I haven't become totally enamored of it, I did enjoy the Mob Psycho 100 anime, and have found a couple of good fics.

The Smorgasbord awaits! )


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