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Like much of the world - at least the part that participates in fandom, figure-skating, anime, or a mix of all three - I have been delighted by the plot developments of Yuri!!! On Ice (the three exclamation points are obnoxious, but I've resolved to be accurate when it comes to titles). It's rare for any form of fictional media to have openly gay characters in healthy relationships, but in a sports anime it's practically unheard of. This anime about a slumping skater who catches the attention of the bored prior-gold-medalist, and consequently gains him as his new coach and eventually his lover, is really breaking new and fun ground.

How about that Episode 10 reveal, though? )
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How could I resist such an enticing combination of history, porn and lulz? There's some longer fic and some really sweet stories to be found if you look hard enough.

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This fandom was all due to Maldoror, who I followed from Naruto to One Piece. That must have been sometime in 2006. The fics are a mix of humor, slash, or both. There may be some het in the authors' archives. EDIT: 5/5/17, to clean up broken links and reorganize.

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Naruto fandom, for me, is a guilty pleasure sometimes. You see, the Naruto fandom to me is all about Naruto himself. I think the canon post-timeskip is screwing him over, and I like the opportunities fandom gives him. EDIT: now that the manga is done, I can say that the final chapter screwed everybody over, to a remarkable degree for an ostensible happy ending. I don't care for the Boruto next-generation stuff, either.

Stories are gen or non-romance-focused unless otherwise marked. With so many SIs and OCs, I split them into a separate category. LAST UPDATE: 1/13/17 - just updating which fics are active WIPs.

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I can blame this fandom on Ciceqi, as well. She turned to writing FMA after her stint with Saiyuki (or maybe that's reversed) and I followed. :D Only the 2003 anime, with manga!Ling as a fun addition; I can't keep track of the manga, and some of what goes on there seems a little too cracktastic even for me. Plus, I like the idea of the Alterworld.
EDIT: 8/15/16; I started reading a couple of new epic length fics and rekindled my interest. There's some more manga and 2nd anime based fics mixed in now.

Equivalent Exchange. )
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This fandom is Daegaer's fault. When I started reading her fics about the florist assassins and the psychic assassins that opposed them, I had to find more. Hmmm, maybe late high school, or early college? I'll call it 2002. Mostly now I just re-read old stuff, although one WIP has 230+ parts and shows no sign of stopping.
EDIT: 7/8/17: most of the old websites have disappeared, so this is just a tidying-up update to fix broken links. I'm also making it clearer which "Aya" is being referred to by sticking with Ran for male Aya, and Aya-chan for female Aya. 

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 I started reading fanfic for Gundam Wing long before I watched any episodes. I bought my set in 2006, so before then. I read it because *everyone* seemed to have read some GW.

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I started this one also in college. Possibly freshman year, so '03-04. I'm still waiting for the manga updates, and like Eroica, I buy Saiyuki regularly. However, my interest in fandom waned sometime in the area of '06. I got the fics I wanted, and canon's so great anyways.

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Ranma 1/2 was one of my early fandoms. Hearing about an aqua-transsexual's romantic and adventurous escapades through the web was too tempting. Since the height of the fandom was back around 2000, most of the links are dead. Here's what little I have left.

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Bleach caught my interest in, oh, either early 2006 or early 2007 - it feels like longer than a year, so let's go with '06. My interest waned as I saw just how far canon and fanon were diverging... and canon seems to be losing steam & support (NOBODY wants to read non-stop, unimportant side-battles for years, okay? This is the same problem that Naruto has - the canon loses the heart of the plot that made it so engaging). LAST EDITED: 11/9/14; I find I like Renji more than I'd suspected, but I still don't bother with anything later than the appearance of the Vizards.

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I started reading Eyeshield 21 in early 2007. It's all PeroxidePest's fault - when browsing her enormous account, I became curious, and started to explore. LAST EDITED: 1/9/15.
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I blame the anime for being so shiny and funny. I certainly can't blame the manga, as I haven't read it. On second thought, I blame all those with Ouran icons for making me track down the source. :)
I don't read a lot of school-fandoms.  However, Ouran is funny, as I said, and the inevitable pairing up that must be occurring in the manga never had a chance to gel in the anime - in consequence, one girl, smart, poor and grumpy, is not-so-subtly becoming the love-interest of a pack (well, club) of ridiculously rich and weirdly-socialized boys. She doesn't see it, but the audience does, and the fandom makes it happen.

Ouran High School (Never Ends) )


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