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Harry Potter was, no lie, my Big Name Fandom from 1999 to 2003. We parted ways after book 5, but I occasionally drift in via crossovers or specific authors. I particularly like the characters of pre-OOTP Harry, Snape & Draco (probably due to the 3-Year Summer and the fanon it created), Neville and Luna in any context, and Percy Weasley (whom I still feel was cut a raw deal).

Harry Potter, or, How I Stopped Reading and Learned to Hate the Canon! )
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Bleach caught my interest in, oh, either early 2006 or early 2007 - it feels like longer than a year, so let's go with '06. My interest waned as I saw just how far canon and fanon were diverging... and canon seems to be losing steam & support (NOBODY wants to read non-stop, unimportant side-battles for years, okay? This is the same problem that Naruto has - the canon loses the heart of the plot that made it so engaging). LAST EDITED: 11/9/14; I find I like Renji more than I'd suspected, but I still don't bother with anything later than the appearance of the Vizards.

Oh, the drama! *faints* )
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Discworld was not my first fandom, and honestly I'm so happy with canon that I only go fishing in fandom once in a blue moon. But when Discworld fics are good, they are excellent.

Here there be - well, slash, mostly )


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