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Even though I doubt that this will ever be a big fandom for me, I like the idea of it having a post of its own.
EDIT: Haha, who was I kidding about this being a small fandom?  LAST UPDATED: 7/3/13

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How could I resist such an enticing combination of history, porn and lulz? There's some longer fic and some really sweet stories to be found if you look hard enough.

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Mithen single-handedly brought me into the DCU fandom in July 2008, and Te's keeping me there; I love every minute of it. I don't have a ton of *different* recs; what I have are ways to find other rec pages, or sift through a particular author. Smallville fics and authors are mixed in here too - that sometimes-wacky show is, after all, part of the same universe.

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I can blame this fandom on Ciceqi, as well. She turned to writing FMA after her stint with Saiyuki (or maybe that's reversed) and I followed. :D Only the 2003 anime, with manga!Ling as a fun addition; I can't keep track of the manga, and some of what goes on there seems a little too cracktastic even for me. Plus, I like the idea of the Alterworld.
EDIT: 8/15/16; I started reading a couple of new epic length fics and rekindled my interest. There's some more manga and 2nd anime based fics mixed in now.

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This fandom is Daegaer's fault. When I started reading her fics about the florist assassins and the psychic assassins that opposed them, I had to find more. Hmmm, maybe late high school, or early college? I'll call it 2002. Mostly now I just re-read old stuff, although one WIP has 230+ parts and shows no sign of stopping.
EDIT: 7/8/17: most of the old websites have disappeared, so this is just a tidying-up update to fix broken links. I'm also making it clearer which "Aya" is being referred to by sticking with Ran for male Aya, and Aya-chan for female Aya. 

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 I started reading fanfic for Gundam Wing long before I watched any episodes. I bought my set in 2006, so before then. I read it because *everyone* seemed to have read some GW.

That fandom in which everyone's name is a number. )
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I started this one also in college. Possibly freshman year, so '03-04. I'm still waiting for the manga updates, and like Eroica, I buy Saiyuki regularly. However, my interest in fandom waned sometime in the area of '06. I got the fics I wanted, and canon's so great anyways.

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