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Much like Yuri!!! On Ice, this one snuck up on me over the course of 2016, until I had enough recs that I could no longer justify not having a separate post for it. While I have never played the game, I have very much enjoyed the world-building content that Blizzard provides and the fandom has been lovely. LAST UPDATED: 8/24/17.

It's High Noon (Somewhere) )
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I might as well admit to getting pulled into this one. Maybe I'm missing something, but I do not see why 95% of fic must be Derek/Stiles. The recs below, while necessarily full of Derek/Stiles, are a healthy mixture, with an emphasis on Stiles.  

LAST UPDATED: 6/7/14. Unless otherwise noted with a "S3", the fics listed were written or begun prior to Season 3, and do not incorporate any Season 3 canon. Warning! Season 3 (A and B both) comes with multiple character deaths, so unless you have seen it or don't mind spoilers, do not read fics marked "S3".

Teenage Werewolves... That's Original )
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It's a bit odd, but reading fic about hockey players has made me start watching a professional sport on a regular basis. Go figure. LAST EDITED: 9/29/14, as the Chelsea WIP finished. By request I will now indicate the newest recs visibly with a series of ***.

NOTE:  When I see that I have a WIP, removed or locked fic recced, I'll make a note next to the rec as a warning. Since so many Kaner/Tazer fics fall under one of the categories, I've split those recs by type and labeled the sections. Feel free to ask me in a comment if I have a copy of the removed fics, but I wasn't always fast enough. IMPORTANT EDIT ALERT: As of early March 2014, those people to whom I have recently emailed fics have replied saying that they cannot open them. I must assume that either the e-mail program hates attachments now or that the files were corrupted when I moved them to my new computer. Sorry, everyone, but it looks like I can no longer supply you with fic copies.

Olympics, Stanley Cup... )
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Since the X-Men, Ironman, Thor, Captain America and all those avengers were cluttering up my posts, I'm going to stick them all together.  
LAST UPDATED: 1/2/17: After seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, I have been able to mentally toss out most of the X-Men films and create a "good parts" trilogy of X-Men, X-Men 2/United, and X-Men Days of Future Past. Hurray! This also means that I have a new fondness for post-1973 Charles/Logan fics.

That's absurd. And... fantastic )
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Even though I doubt that this will ever be a big fandom for me, I like the idea of it having a post of its own.
EDIT: Haha, who was I kidding about this being a small fandom?  LAST UPDATED: 7/3/13

You're waiting for a train )
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Since I've become unduly interested in this show, I'm giving the fandom its very own post. No housekeeper, though. :) EDIT: I did not like the direction this show went, so my recs are largely from season 1 and AUs only.

Not your housekeeper, dear )
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How could I resist such an enticing combination of history, porn and lulz? There's some longer fic and some really sweet stories to be found if you look hard enough.

Because *I'm* the hero! )
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Mithen single-handedly brought me into the DCU fandom in July 2008, and Te's keeping me there; I love every minute of it. I don't have a ton of *different* recs; what I have are ways to find other rec pages, or sift through a particular author. Smallville fics and authors are mixed in here too - that sometimes-wacky show is, after all, part of the same universe.

Creatures of the night... )
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This fandom was all due to Maldoror, who I followed from Naruto to One Piece. That must have been sometime in 2006. The fics are a mix of humor, slash, or both. There may be some het in the authors' archives. EDIT: 5/5/17, to clean up broken links and reorganize.

*I* Will Be The Pirate King! )
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Naruto fandom, for me, is a guilty pleasure sometimes. You see, the Naruto fandom to me is all about Naruto himself. I think the canon post-timeskip is screwing him over, and I like the opportunities fandom gives him. EDIT: now that the manga is done, I can say that the final chapter screwed everybody over, to a remarkable degree for an ostensible happy ending. I don't care for the Boruto next-generation stuff, either.

Stories are gen or non-romance-focused unless otherwise marked. With so many SIs and OCs, I split them into a separate category. LAST UPDATE: 1/13/17 - just updating which fics are active WIPs.

A genius of hard work will beat a natural genius! )
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This fandom is Daegaer's fault. When I started reading her fics about the florist assassins and the psychic assassins that opposed them, I had to find more. Hmmm, maybe late high school, or early college? I'll call it 2002. Mostly now I just re-read old stuff, although one WIP has 230+ parts and shows no sign of stopping.
EDIT: 7/8/17: most of the old websites have disappeared, so this is just a tidying-up update to fix broken links. I'm also making it clearer which "Aya" is being referred to by sticking with Ran for male Aya, and Aya-chan for female Aya. 

White Hunters, deny these dark beasts their tomorrows! )
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How could I pass up a fandom like Due South?  I haven't watched more than a few episodes, but someday I'll have enough downtime to settle in with the boxset, and *then*... Well, until then, this will be a relatively small fandom for me, but it still warrants its own post.

Anyway, these are mostly slash recs, but occasionally Stella, Elaine or Frannie do get lucky.

I came to this country on the trail of my father's killer... )
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I started this one also in college. Possibly freshman year, so '03-04. I'm still waiting for the manga updates, and like Eroica, I buy Saiyuki regularly. However, my interest in fandom waned sometime in the area of '06. I got the fics I wanted, and canon's so great anyways.

Into the West! )
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I enjoyed the books, although only really from book 4 on, and I've only just caught up as of late 2012. Fandom is so much easier to keep up with.   LAST EDITED: 12/30/12.

I'm in the book. )
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Ranma 1/2 was one of my early fandoms. Hearing about an aqua-transsexual's romantic and adventurous escapades through the web was too tempting. Since the height of the fandom was back around 2000, most of the links are dead. Here's what little I have left.

Heh, sorry about this. )


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