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Like much of the world - at least the part that participates in fandom, figure-skating, anime, or a mix of all three - I have been delighted by the plot developments of Yuri!!! On Ice (the three exclamation points are obnoxious, but I've resolved to be accurate when it comes to titles). It's rare for any form of fictional media to have openly gay characters in healthy relationships, but in a sports anime it's practically unheard of. This anime about a slumping skater who catches the attention of the bored prior-gold-medalist, and consequently gains him as his new coach and eventually his lover, is really breaking new and fun ground.

How about that Episode 10 reveal, though? )
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I haven't seen the movie yet, but Tumblr and AO3 are going crazy for it, and the fandom seems like a good fit for my tastes. Incidentally, 99 44/100ths of Kingsman fics are fix-it; apparently no fans are putting up with Harry's death. So unless the fics otherwise stray from the main storyline, I won't bother marking them AU. Also, all fics are Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin unless noted otherwise.  EDIT: finally watched the film on 8/14/15, and well worth the wait it was. However, I will now be looking for more gen fic, as the actual spy stuff was what appealed to me the most in the film.

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I might as well admit to getting pulled into this one. Maybe I'm missing something, but I do not see why 95% of fic must be Derek/Stiles. The recs below, while necessarily full of Derek/Stiles, are a healthy mixture, with an emphasis on Stiles.  

LAST UPDATED: 6/7/14. Unless otherwise noted with a "S3", the fics listed were written or begun prior to Season 3, and do not incorporate any Season 3 canon. Warning! Season 3 (A and B both) comes with multiple character deaths, so unless you have seen it or don't mind spoilers, do not read fics marked "S3".

Teenage Werewolves... That's Original )
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It's a bit odd, but reading fic about hockey players has made me start watching a professional sport on a regular basis. Go figure. LAST EDITED: 9/29/14, as the Chelsea WIP finished. By request I will now indicate the newest recs visibly with a series of ***.

NOTE:  When I see that I have a WIP, removed or locked fic recced, I'll make a note next to the rec as a warning. Since so many Kaner/Tazer fics fall under one of the categories, I've split those recs by type and labeled the sections. Feel free to ask me in a comment if I have a copy of the removed fics, but I wasn't always fast enough. IMPORTANT EDIT ALERT: As of early March 2014, those people to whom I have recently emailed fics have replied saying that they cannot open them. I must assume that either the e-mail program hates attachments now or that the files were corrupted when I moved them to my new computer. Sorry, everyone, but it looks like I can no longer supply you with fic copies.

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Since the X-Men, Ironman, Thor, Captain America and all those avengers were cluttering up my posts, I'm going to stick them all together.  
LAST UPDATED: 1/2/17: After seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, I have been able to mentally toss out most of the X-Men films and create a "good parts" trilogy of X-Men, X-Men 2/United, and X-Men Days of Future Past. Hurray! This also means that I have a new fondness for post-1973 Charles/Logan fics.

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Even though I doubt that this will ever be a big fandom for me, I like the idea of it having a post of its own.
EDIT: Haha, who was I kidding about this being a small fandom?  LAST UPDATED: 7/3/13

You're waiting for a train )
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This fandom has been a great way to start 2011. A viable and popular OT3 is always welcome. As for the canon, I appreciate genuinely happy marriages, non-"controversial" gays and whip-smart dialogue.

Trust Me. )
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Since I've become unduly interested in this show, I'm giving the fandom its very own post. No housekeeper, though. :) EDIT: I did not like the direction this show went, so my recs are largely from season 1 and AUs only.

Not your housekeeper, dear )
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Mithen single-handedly brought me into the DCU fandom in July 2008, and Te's keeping me there; I love every minute of it. I don't have a ton of *different* recs; what I have are ways to find other rec pages, or sift through a particular author. Smallville fics and authors are mixed in here too - that sometimes-wacky show is, after all, part of the same universe.

Creatures of the night... )
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Naruto fandom, for me, is a guilty pleasure sometimes. You see, the Naruto fandom to me is all about Naruto himself. I think the canon post-timeskip is screwing him over, and I like the opportunities fandom gives him. EDIT: now that the manga is done, I can say that the final chapter screwed everybody over, to a remarkable degree for an ostensible happy ending. I don't care for the Boruto next-generation stuff, either.

Stories are gen or non-romance-focused unless otherwise marked. With so many SIs and OCs, I split them into a separate category. LAST UPDATE: 1/13/17 - just updating which fics are active WIPs.

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The first year of college, my friends and I watched all the episodes within a few weeks. I was hooked, and ended up buying my own set. Since then ('03), my fandom interest slowly dropped, and plummeted after I saw the movie. I still re-read old stuff, and there's one or two WIPs that I keep up with, but otherwise we're quits.

You can't take the sky from meeeeeeeeeeee... )
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I can blame this fandom on Ciceqi, as well. She turned to writing FMA after her stint with Saiyuki (or maybe that's reversed) and I followed. :D Only the 2003 anime, with manga!Ling as a fun addition; I can't keep track of the manga, and some of what goes on there seems a little too cracktastic even for me. Plus, I like the idea of the Alterworld.
EDIT: 8/15/16; I started reading a couple of new epic length fics and rekindled my interest. There's some more manga and 2nd anime based fics mixed in now.

Equivalent Exchange. )
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This fandom is Daegaer's fault. When I started reading her fics about the florist assassins and the psychic assassins that opposed them, I had to find more. Hmmm, maybe late high school, or early college? I'll call it 2002. Mostly now I just re-read old stuff, although one WIP has 230+ parts and shows no sign of stopping.
EDIT: 7/8/17: most of the old websites have disappeared, so this is just a tidying-up update to fix broken links. I'm also making it clearer which "Aya" is being referred to by sticking with Ran for male Aya, and Aya-chan for female Aya. 

White Hunters, deny these dark beasts their tomorrows! )
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The series by Bujold is one of my favorite sci-fi series - it's science fiction, it's adventure, it's crimesolving, it's courtly manners and diplomatic intrigue. It reads like a plausible future for the human race, and that really is rather unusual in most science fiction. The books are so good that there are very few narrative gaps to fill, so I don't have a ton of fics to recommend, but there are a handful of excellent stories. I tend to read about Ivan, because he is one of the few characters that I would like more focus on in canon.
EDIT: 11/20/16; I ran through a rec list and found some gems.

Where shopping trip = headhunting )
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Harry Potter was, no lie, my Big Name Fandom from 1999 to 2003. We parted ways after book 5, but I occasionally drift in via crossovers or specific authors. I particularly like the characters of pre-OOTP Harry, Snape & Draco (probably due to the 3-Year Summer and the fanon it created), Neville and Luna in any context, and Percy Weasley (whom I still feel was cut a raw deal).

Harry Potter, or, How I Stopped Reading and Learned to Hate the Canon! )
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I started this one also in college. Possibly freshman year, so '03-04. I'm still waiting for the manga updates, and like Eroica, I buy Saiyuki regularly. However, my interest in fandom waned sometime in the area of '06. I got the fics I wanted, and canon's so great anyways.

Into the West! )
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I enjoyed the books, although only really from book 4 on, and I've only just caught up as of late 2012. Fandom is so much easier to keep up with.   LAST EDITED: 12/30/12.

I'm in the book. )
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Ranma 1/2 was one of my early fandoms. Hearing about an aqua-transsexual's romantic and adventurous escapades through the web was too tempting. Since the height of the fandom was back around 2000, most of the links are dead. Here's what little I have left.

Heh, sorry about this. )
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For 2008, Stargate: Atlantis was my Big Name Fandom. One of my roommates is responsible for getting me into the fandom; she lent me the first 3 seasons, you see. Most fic in this fandom is Rodney/John; exceptions are noted below.

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So, I spent a few years at college taking Buffy & Angel out - of the library, natch. Anyway, the bulk of my fandom experience was between 2004 and 2007. These are brief recs... for lack of current interest reasons.
EDIT: 6/29/17 - I've realized upon a rewatching that I don't like the canon nearly as much now that I am more than a decade away from teenager-hood, and I also don't like the characters as much (although I appreciate SMG's acting more). The show is not nearly as feminist as people claim, and some of it has aged poorly. I'm not removing recs, but most of them seem to be OOC, as fanon characterization trumped canon; I might add recs for old favorites that stand the test of time.

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