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Since the X-Men, Ironman, Thor, Captain America and all those avengers were cluttering up my posts, I'm going to stick them all together.  
LAST UPDATED: 1/2/17: After seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past, I have been able to mentally toss out most of the X-Men films and create a "good parts" trilogy of X-Men, X-Men 2/United, and X-Men Days of Future Past. Hurray! This also means that I have a new fondness for post-1973 Charles/Logan fics.

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The first year of college, my friends and I watched all the episodes within a few weeks. I was hooked, and ended up buying my own set. Since then ('03), my fandom interest slowly dropped, and plummeted after I saw the movie. I still re-read old stuff, and there's one or two WIPs that I keep up with, but otherwise we're quits.

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For 2008, Stargate: Atlantis was my Big Name Fandom. One of my roommates is responsible for getting me into the fandom; she lent me the first 3 seasons, you see. Most fic in this fandom is Rodney/John; exceptions are noted below.

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So, I spent a few years at college taking Buffy & Angel out - of the library, natch. Anyway, the bulk of my fandom experience was between 2004 and 2007. These are brief recs... for lack of current interest reasons.
EDIT: 6/29/17 - I've realized upon a rewatching that I don't like the canon nearly as much now that I am more than a decade away from teenager-hood, and I also don't like the characters as much (although I appreciate SMG's acting more). The show is not nearly as feminist as people claim, and some of it has aged poorly. I'm not removing recs, but most of them seem to be OOC, as fanon characterization trumped canon; I might add recs for old favorites that stand the test of time.

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