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 Apparently I can't stay away from a sci-fi cartoon fandom if it's done by the same crew that made Avatar The Last Airbender. Good to know about myself! My recs are pretty Lance-centric, but then, it seems like a chunk of fandom is the same way. Largely because he is one of the more complex characters and he has not - in the opinion of fans - had sufficient screentime.

More than a Seventh Wheel )
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I might as well admit to getting pulled into this one. Maybe I'm missing something, but I do not see why 95% of fic must be Derek/Stiles. The recs below, while necessarily full of Derek/Stiles, are a healthy mixture, with an emphasis on Stiles.  

LAST UPDATED: 6/7/14. Unless otherwise noted with a "S3", the fics listed were written or begun prior to Season 3, and do not incorporate any Season 3 canon. Warning! Season 3 (A and B both) comes with multiple character deaths, so unless you have seen it or don't mind spoilers, do not read fics marked "S3".

Teenage Werewolves... That's Original )
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This fandom has been a great way to start 2011. A viable and popular OT3 is always welcome. As for the canon, I appreciate genuinely happy marriages, non-"controversial" gays and whip-smart dialogue.

Trust Me. )
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Since I've become unduly interested in this show, I'm giving the fandom its very own post. No housekeeper, though. :) EDIT: I did not like the direction this show went, so my recs are largely from season 1 and AUs only.

Not your housekeeper, dear )
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I really liked the Reboot of Star Trek, and was moved to look up fic almost immediately after I went to see it in the theater.  Luckily for me, there's been a lot of good fic out already; oddly, I was satisfied so quickly by the fandom that within months I was tired of looking for new stuff, so the recs here are all I'll be reading, ever (give or take a surprise).  I also have a very few fics for Deep Space Nine and the Original Series.

The oldest slash fandom, semi-officially )
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The first year of college, my friends and I watched all the episodes within a few weeks. I was hooked, and ended up buying my own set. Since then ('03), my fandom interest slowly dropped, and plummeted after I saw the movie. I still re-read old stuff, and there's one or two WIPs that I keep up with, but otherwise we're quits.

You can't take the sky from meeeeeeeeeeee... )
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None of that blue-skinned alien stuff, thank you. I appreciate a show that works equally well for kids and adults, and which takes its audience seriously by not skating by the unfortunate implications of either imperialism or rebellions.
LAST UPDATED 8/5/17; added a few stories and reorganized the list.

A children's show about genocide? Tell me more )
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How could I pass up a fandom like Due South?  I haven't watched more than a few episodes, but someday I'll have enough downtime to settle in with the boxset, and *then*... Well, until then, this will be a relatively small fandom for me, but it still warrants its own post.

Anyway, these are mostly slash recs, but occasionally Stella, Elaine or Frannie do get lucky.

I came to this country on the trail of my father's killer... )
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For 2008, Stargate: Atlantis was my Big Name Fandom. One of my roommates is responsible for getting me into the fandom; she lent me the first 3 seasons, you see. Most fic in this fandom is Rodney/John; exceptions are noted below.

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So, I spent a few years at college taking Buffy & Angel out - of the library, natch. Anyway, the bulk of my fandom experience was between 2004 and 2007. These are brief recs... for lack of current interest reasons.
EDIT: 6/29/17 - I've realized upon a rewatching that I don't like the canon nearly as much now that I am more than a decade away from teenager-hood, and I also don't like the characters as much (although I appreciate SMG's acting more). The show is not nearly as feminist as people claim, and some of it has aged poorly. I'm not removing recs, but most of them seem to be OOC, as fanon characterization trumped canon; I might add recs for old favorites that stand the test of time.

One Girl in all the World... Wait a second )
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This post is a collection of any and all fics of mine. I hope you enjoy them, if you decide to check any out! Updated and consolidated 7/31/16.

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