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I haven't seen the movie yet, but Tumblr and AO3 are going crazy for it, and the fandom seems like a good fit for my tastes. Incidentally, 99 44/100ths of Kingsman fics are fix-it; apparently no fans are putting up with Harry's death. So unless the fics otherwise stray from the main storyline, I won't bother marking them AU. Also, all fics are Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin unless noted otherwise.  EDIT: finally watched the film on 8/14/15, and well worth the wait it was. However, I will now be looking for more gen fic, as the actual spy stuff was what appealed to me the most in the film.

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Even though I doubt that this will ever be a big fandom for me, I like the idea of it having a post of its own.
EDIT: Haha, who was I kidding about this being a small fandom?  LAST UPDATED: 7/3/13

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I really liked the Reboot of Star Trek, and was moved to look up fic almost immediately after I went to see it in the theater.  Luckily for me, there's been a lot of good fic out already; oddly, I was satisfied so quickly by the fandom that within months I was tired of looking for new stuff, so the recs here are all I'll be reading, ever (give or take a surprise).  I also have a very few fics for Deep Space Nine and the Original Series.

The oldest slash fandom, semi-officially )
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After the movies came out, I really liked LotR. Believe me, I cannot get through the books, ever: by the second book, I'm down to reading only the parts when hobbits are around, because everyone else is boringly epic and purple-prosy. Since the women in Tolkien are essentially wallpaper with names, naturally excepting Eowyn, this is mostly, if not entirely, slash recs.  

LAST EDIT: 3/26/14, for more The Hobbit fics. Note that some of those have multiple excellent female characters, for once. I am grateful for Tauriel's existence. My taste in The Hobbit fics runs down two tracks: humor, and Fix-it fic. 

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I don't have too many fics for Star Wars, but as one of the rare fandoms where I do occasionally find really excellent gen fics, it deserves its own post.
EDIT: 2/29/16. The 7th Star Wars movie was surprisingly good (in the model of the original trilogy, but with more humanization of the Stormtroopers) and spurred a desire for fics.

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