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I had this fandom in my Assorted Fandoms post for some time, but my list of recs has recently ballooned. This book, which won the Locus and almost won the Hugo and Nebula awards, is a very political fantasy story about a despised younger son suddenly inheriting the throne. Racism, sexism, homophobia, class issues and their causes are all discussed, and the politics focuses on progressivism (or, well, the fantasy version of it) and Maia's difficulties in converting a conservative court to accept his pro-female, pro-worker policies. And of course it features intrigue, assassinations (both successful and attempted), canonical same-sex marriage, witty wordplay, women who want to duel their fiance's enemies, and a ruler who opts for mercy and justice over personal revenge. Basically this book has most of my favorite things. Whenever I pick it up, it's almost impossible to put it down, even though it's almost 500 pages long. Everyone, read this book!

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After the movies came out, I really liked LotR. Believe me, I cannot get through the books, ever: by the second book, I'm down to reading only the parts when hobbits are around, because everyone else is boringly epic and purple-prosy. Since the women in Tolkien are essentially wallpaper with names, naturally excepting Eowyn, this is mostly, if not entirely, slash recs.  

LAST EDIT: 3/26/14, for more The Hobbit fics. Note that some of those have multiple excellent female characters, for once. I am grateful for Tauriel's existence. My taste in The Hobbit fics runs down two tracks: humor, and Fix-it fic. 

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The series by Bujold is one of my favorite sci-fi series - it's science fiction, it's adventure, it's crimesolving, it's courtly manners and diplomatic intrigue. It reads like a plausible future for the human race, and that really is rather unusual in most science fiction. The books are so good that there are very few narrative gaps to fill, so I don't have a ton of fics to recommend, but there are a handful of excellent stories. I tend to read about Ivan, because he is one of the few characters that I would like more focus on in canon.
EDIT: 11/20/16; I ran through a rec list and found some gems.

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Harry Potter was, no lie, my Big Name Fandom from 1999 to 2003. We parted ways after book 5, but I occasionally drift in via crossovers or specific authors. I particularly like the characters of pre-OOTP Harry, Snape & Draco (probably due to the 3-Year Summer and the fanon it created), Neville and Luna in any context, and Percy Weasley (whom I still feel was cut a raw deal).

Harry Potter, or, How I Stopped Reading and Learned to Hate the Canon! )
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I enjoyed the books, although only really from book 4 on, and I've only just caught up as of late 2012. Fandom is so much easier to keep up with.   LAST EDITED: 12/30/12.

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I'm surprised that I found enough readable Austen fanfic to make this a separate post. Not that I don't love Pride & Prejudice or Northanger Abbey, but I figured most of the fic would be terrible. All the books will be represented here, if I find decent fics to recommend. Only non-canonical or minor pairings are marked.
EDIT: I like the Regency era in general, so it made sense to put the related fandoms all together.

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Discworld was not my first fandom, and honestly I'm so happy with canon that I only go fishing in fandom once in a blue moon. But when Discworld fics are good, they are excellent.

Here there be - well, slash, mostly )
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This post is a collection of any and all fics of mine. I hope you enjoy them, if you decide to check any out! Updated and consolidated 7/31/16.

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