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So, I spent a few years at college taking Buffy & Angel out - of the library, natch. Anyway, the bulk of my fandom experience was between 2004 and 2007. These are brief recs... for lack of current interest reasons.
EDIT: 6/29/17 - I've realized upon a rewatching that I don't like the canon nearly as much now that I am more than a decade away from teenager-hood, and I also don't like the characters as much (although I appreciate SMG's acting more). The show is not nearly as feminist as people claim, and some of it has aged poorly. I'm not removing recs, but most of them seem to be OOC, as fanon characterization trumped canon; I might add recs for old favorites that stand the test of time.

One Girl in all the World... Wait a second )
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Bleach caught my interest in, oh, either early 2006 or early 2007 - it feels like longer than a year, so let's go with '06. My interest waned as I saw just how far canon and fanon were diverging... and canon seems to be losing steam & support (NOBODY wants to read non-stop, unimportant side-battles for years, okay? This is the same problem that Naruto has - the canon loses the heart of the plot that made it so engaging). LAST EDITED: 11/9/14; I find I like Renji more than I'd suspected, but I still don't bother with anything later than the appearance of the Vizards.

Oh, the drama! *faints* )
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I blame the anime for being so shiny and funny. I certainly can't blame the manga, as I haven't read it. On second thought, I blame all those with Ouran icons for making me track down the source. :)
I don't read a lot of school-fandoms.  However, Ouran is funny, as I said, and the inevitable pairing up that must be occurring in the manga never had a chance to gel in the anime - in consequence, one girl, smart, poor and grumpy, is not-so-subtly becoming the love-interest of a pack (well, club) of ridiculously rich and weirdly-socialized boys. She doesn't see it, but the audience does, and the fandom makes it happen.

Ouran High School (Never Ends) )


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