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This fandom is Daegaer's fault. When I started reading her fics about the florist assassins and the psychic assassins that opposed them, I had to find more. Hmmm, maybe late high school, or early college? I'll call it 2002. Mostly now I just re-read old stuff, although one WIP has 230+ parts and shows no sign of stopping.
EDIT: 7/8/17: most of the old websites have disappeared, so this is just a tidying-up update to fix broken links. I'm also making it clearer which "Aya" is being referred to by sticking with Ran for male Aya, and Aya-chan for female Aya. 

White Hunters, deny these dark beasts their tomorrows! )
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None of that blue-skinned alien stuff, thank you. I appreciate a show that works equally well for kids and adults, and which takes its audience seriously by not skating by the unfortunate implications of either imperialism or rebellions.
LAST UPDATED 8/5/17; added a few stories and reorganized the list.

A children's show about genocide? Tell me more )
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After the movies came out, I really liked LotR. Believe me, I cannot get through the books, ever: by the second book, I'm down to reading only the parts when hobbits are around, because everyone else is boringly epic and purple-prosy. Since the women in Tolkien are essentially wallpaper with names, naturally excepting Eowyn, this is mostly, if not entirely, slash recs.  

LAST EDIT: 3/26/14, for more The Hobbit fics. Note that some of those have multiple excellent female characters, for once. I am grateful for Tauriel's existence. My taste in The Hobbit fics runs down two tracks: humor, and Fix-it fic. 

Gondor has no king. Gondor *needs* no king. )
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How could I pass up a fandom like Due South?  I haven't watched more than a few episodes, but someday I'll have enough downtime to settle in with the boxset, and *then*... Well, until then, this will be a relatively small fandom for me, but it still warrants its own post.

Anyway, these are mostly slash recs, but occasionally Stella, Elaine or Frannie do get lucky.

I came to this country on the trail of my father's killer... )
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The series by Bujold is one of my favorite sci-fi series - it's science fiction, it's adventure, it's crimesolving, it's courtly manners and diplomatic intrigue. It reads like a plausible future for the human race, and that really is rather unusual in most science fiction. The books are so good that there are very few narrative gaps to fill, so I don't have a ton of fics to recommend, but there are a handful of excellent stories. I tend to read about Ivan, because he is one of the few characters that I would like more focus on in canon.
EDIT: 11/20/16; I ran through a rec list and found some gems.

Where shopping trip = headhunting )
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 I started reading fanfic for Gundam Wing long before I watched any episodes. I bought my set in 2006, so before then. I read it because *everyone* seemed to have read some GW.

That fandom in which everyone's name is a number. )
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Harry Potter was, no lie, my Big Name Fandom from 1999 to 2003. We parted ways after book 5, but I occasionally drift in via crossovers or specific authors. I particularly like the characters of pre-OOTP Harry, Snape & Draco (probably due to the 3-Year Summer and the fanon it created), Neville and Luna in any context, and Percy Weasley (whom I still feel was cut a raw deal).

Harry Potter, or, How I Stopped Reading and Learned to Hate the Canon! )
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I started this one also in college. Possibly freshman year, so '03-04. I'm still waiting for the manga updates, and like Eroica, I buy Saiyuki regularly. However, my interest in fandom waned sometime in the area of '06. I got the fics I wanted, and canon's so great anyways.

Into the West! )
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I enjoyed the books, although only really from book 4 on, and I've only just caught up as of late 2012. Fandom is so much easier to keep up with.   LAST EDITED: 12/30/12.

I'm in the book. )
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I'm surprised that I found enough readable Austen fanfic to make this a separate post. Not that I don't love Pride & Prejudice or Northanger Abbey, but I figured most of the fic would be terrible. All the books will be represented here, if I find decent fics to recommend. Only non-canonical or minor pairings are marked.
EDIT: I like the Regency era in general, so it made sense to put the related fandoms all together.

A truth, universally acknowledged )
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I don't have too many fics for Star Wars, but as one of the rare fandoms where I do occasionally find really excellent gen fics, it deserves its own post.
EDIT: 2/29/16. The 7th Star Wars movie was surprisingly good (in the model of the original trilogy, but with more humanization of the Stormtroopers) and spurred a desire for fics.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... ) 
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Ranma 1/2 was one of my early fandoms. Hearing about an aqua-transsexual's romantic and adventurous escapades through the web was too tempting. Since the height of the fandom was back around 2000, most of the links are dead. Here's what little I have left.

Heh, sorry about this. )
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For 2008, Stargate: Atlantis was my Big Name Fandom. One of my roommates is responsible for getting me into the fandom; she lent me the first 3 seasons, you see. Most fic in this fandom is Rodney/John; exceptions are noted below.

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So, I spent a few years at college taking Buffy & Angel out - of the library, natch. Anyway, the bulk of my fandom experience was between 2004 and 2007. These are brief recs... for lack of current interest reasons.
EDIT: 6/29/17 - I've realized upon a rewatching that I don't like the canon nearly as much now that I am more than a decade away from teenager-hood, and I also don't like the characters as much (although I appreciate SMG's acting more). The show is not nearly as feminist as people claim, and some of it has aged poorly. I'm not removing recs, but most of them seem to be OOC, as fanon characterization trumped canon; I might add recs for old favorites that stand the test of time.

One Girl in all the World... Wait a second )
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Bleach caught my interest in, oh, either early 2006 or early 2007 - it feels like longer than a year, so let's go with '06. My interest waned as I saw just how far canon and fanon were diverging... and canon seems to be losing steam & support (NOBODY wants to read non-stop, unimportant side-battles for years, okay? This is the same problem that Naruto has - the canon loses the heart of the plot that made it so engaging). LAST EDITED: 11/9/14; I find I like Renji more than I'd suspected, but I still don't bother with anything later than the appearance of the Vizards.

Oh, the drama! *faints* )
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I started reading Eyeshield 21 in early 2007. It's all PeroxidePest's fault - when browsing her enormous account, I became curious, and started to explore. LAST EDITED: 1/9/15.
Christmas Booooooooowl.... )
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I blame the anime for being so shiny and funny. I certainly can't blame the manga, as I haven't read it. On second thought, I blame all those with Ouran icons for making me track down the source. :)
I don't read a lot of school-fandoms.  However, Ouran is funny, as I said, and the inevitable pairing up that must be occurring in the manga never had a chance to gel in the anime - in consequence, one girl, smart, poor and grumpy, is not-so-subtly becoming the love-interest of a pack (well, club) of ridiculously rich and weirdly-socialized boys. She doesn't see it, but the audience does, and the fandom makes it happen.

Ouran High School (Never Ends) )
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Discworld was not my first fandom, and honestly I'm so happy with canon that I only go fishing in fandom once in a blue moon. But when Discworld fics are good, they are excellent.

Here there be - well, slash, mostly )
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Here featuring as many fandoms as I show tags for. :D 

Since over time my number of recommendations for certain fandoms has decreased with the loss of fic archives and so on, I'm putting the fandoms that used to have their own entries in here. That includes Yami no Matsuei, Jeeves & Wooster, From Eroica with Love, Good Omens and Pirates of the Caribbean. If there's less than 5 active recs, it goes in here.

LAST UPDATED: 8/27/16 Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is awesome. 4/26/17 While I haven't become totally enamored of it, I did enjoy the Mob Psycho 100 anime, and have found a couple of good fics.

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