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Mithen single-handedly brought me into the DCU fandom in July 2008, and Te's keeping me there; I love every minute of it. I don't have a ton of *different* recs; what I have are ways to find other rec pages, or sift through a particular author. Smallville fics and authors are mixed in here too - that sometimes-wacky show is, after all, part of the same universe.

Mithen; she favors the Superman/Batman and Clark/Bruce pairings (yes, they can be different).
Shalott's stuff in general, but in specific, read: the Reconciliable Differences universe (Conner/Kon finds out who both his parents are, or at least that they both care about him, and matchmakes); Moving On, in which Lex takes over the universe and the 'verse enjoys it; Ulterior Motives, in which Superman and Lex Luthor get over themselves and have a truce.
Lady Ra writes some schmoopy Clark/Lex fics. I admit, I do like it when there are alien complications to having an affair. 
Te. I'm too vanilla to read all of her stuff, but let me list off some favorites; regrettably, Te does not believe in writing summaries for the idle fic-browser. 
   Listed Under Batman
   1) the Intimates series: Tim/Oracle, Tim/Jason and possibly others. This series is a cyberpunky AU, born from the Timfinity Challenge ("What if Tim had done X instead of join Batman?") with Oracle using Tim Drake as her avatar.
   2) the Form couplet: Tim/Dick. These two stories, from first Tim and then Dick's POV, cover a scenario in which Jason survives DitF but is crippled, and Batman retires to take care of him. 
   3) the Everything Spring series: Tim/Jason. Here, Tim is caught in his spying by Jason before DitF would've occurred. 
   4) Counter Shading: Tim didn't need to be taught subterfuge by Batman. A different reason why the Joker failed to break him.
   5) Something That Will Not Let Go: Batman needs a Robin, but how can he justify breaking in a child? A future, with Tim and Cass working together with others to create a Robin.
   6) All the Things of the World, Tim/Jason. Another Timfinity-esque fic. Here, rather than become Oracle's avatar, Tim tells her that Gotham "needs a Batgirl". Thus we get a crossdressing Tim, gender identity confusion, and a Jason who survives because of his crush on the new Batgirl. EDIT: This became a series, and one that goes a different direction than I thought implied in the first story. I wasn't terribly interested in the rest. Now, the story can be found under the series "The Young and the Battish".
   Listed Under Teen Titans
   7) Dangerous to Reason: Tim/Bart. Kid Flash uses psychology on Tim - and it works. Wire Cage Monkeys! Sex is easier than hugs! 
   8) Things You Get Used To: Tim/nearly every Teen Titan, focusing on Tim/Bart/Kon. Sex pollen --> sex --> embarrassment, trauma and possibly a new relationship. 
   Listed Under Young Justice
   9) A Clarification of Range: Tim/Kon. Tim's good at the disguise thing... *really* good. Kon catches on after, oh, the 5th or 6th one night stand.
   Listed Under Mixed Universe
   10) the Black Sky series: Tim/Kon, Kon/Batman. How life goes on after one of the Teen Titans dies.
   11) the The Drowners series: Tim/Jason, Jason/Bruce, Tim & Jason/Steph, Tim/Bernard. Jason died, but he's not gone; Tim lives, but he's lonely. What I thought would be a ghost-and-Mrs.-Muir scenario, with added possession, turned a lot weirder.
   12) go into the Good Bits index, for Waiting For You: Tim/Dick. Timestream troubles --> Dick and Tim being each other's first, and both waiting for the other since approximately the same calendar year.
   13) the World Enough series: Tim/Dick, Tim/Bruce, Tim/Steph, Tim/Kon, Tim/Bart, Tim <---> Cassie, Tim/Roy, Tim/Connor [I think], Tim/Bernard, Tim/Jason, Tim/Barbara and possibly more. Tim gets dosed with a fearlessness chemical, and since he'd been afraid of relationships... well.
   14) When I Have Lost My Way: Tim <---> Kon, Tim <---> Steph, Tim/Bernard. Tim can't stand being retired because of his father & stepmother. Luckily, he knows how to rewrite his memory. 
   15) Stop This Day And Night With Me: Tim/Connor Hawke. Connor tries to find his friend after Tim retires. Bonus points for the hotrod-driving lawyer OFC.

Smallville/DCU fusions, a listing 
~ the 
Timfinity archive, in which there are stories about Tims who were not Robin.
Batman Family comics by The Dark Cat  
Slytherin-Gypsy's recs.
~ Similarly,
Te's recs

~Conflicts of Interest, and Visiting Hours, by 
Prufrock. Lex took custody of Conner prior to his, uh, birth, and Conner is raised a Luthor. The stories are his POV, and he embarks on a quest to 1) find his mother, Clark (no, not mpreg); 2) get his mom and dad together; 3) survive Smallville. 
~Skin Deep, by 
Rivkat. Clark is Lex's "Left Hand of Darkness" fantasy. Genderbender aliens! 
Playing Banjo in Sgt. Zygote's Ragtime Band, by Aklani. Clark/Lex, alien!sex problems --> mpreg. 
iHero, by Bernice. Lex develops a new power. The title is a hint.
Cover, by Solvent90. Tim/Kon. Tim is sent by Batman to scope out the son of Lex Luthor.
Betty and the Bat, by Wrigley's Field. Crossover with Ugly Betty; Betty is Bruce's new personal assistant.
No Dull Flesh, and sequel Whatever Life You Wear, by Glossing. Bart and Tim, awkward in dating and love. 
The World's Finest, by Mara. The Titans don't want to accept Tim's retirement.
When the Sun Met the Moon, by Erika. Kon gets custody of his half-sister, after Lex is attacked.
A Night on the Town, in which the Teen Titans hang out in Gotham.
An Infinite Lightness of Touch, in which Batman is the crush of both the Flash and the Martian Manhunter.
And Then the Heroes Came Along, in which everyone from SGA would hit that.
Contabescence, in which Bernard does not understand how dangerous Lady Shiva is. 
Kings Among Runaways series, in which Jason and Tim were not Robins at their usual times. WIP. 
Peek Not Through a Keyhole, in which Bernard figures out who Robin is.
Probationary Member, in which the newest superhero doesn't get the approval of the moral majority.
Scions, in which Kon and Tim are cutthroat executives, among other things.  Definite Smallville influences. 
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