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This is a fandom I can blame wholly on Ciceqi and her "Mascot" series. I suppose that makes this a 2006-onwards fandom, although I mostly read WIPs that I started last year, or re-read older fic.

LAST EDITED: 9/2/17; just cleaning up links.

Fic: Finished Fic
A Shoggoth On The Chimney, by ChibiRisu-chan. Aeris/Cloud/Sephiroth/Zack, also known as FFVII's OT4. There was a rash of "Hojo uses mako to give people tentacles" fic for a while. In this one, Zack and Sephiroth are the tentacled ones, and Aeris and Cloud are the understanding/kinky ones. Ostensibly, this is a sequel to Ciceqi's plotty tentacle fic "Awful Bliss".
Alignment, a drabble connecting FFVII and KH Clouds.
Butterfly Effect, by Bard Lynn and Kiraya. If Vincent had woken up earlier, and tutored young Cloud, what changes could have happened to canon...
Company, by Esama. 2 interesting facts: first, Cloud does not go into the SOLDIER program, as his mother falls ill before he was going to leave. Second, being a delivery boy and one of Shinra's by-blows actually does qualify him to become next in line as Shinra's president. Background Cloud/Vincent.
Eir's Tomorrow, by Hades' Phoenix. Yet another back-to-the-past fic, but this one is quite different from most fics of this subgenre. For one, Cloud spends some time as a spirit in the past, appearing to Sephiroth-the-child as what he thinks is an angel. There's a clear bonding scenario, and it's very painful to see them forceably separated. For another, the separation is due to Cloud being BORN. That's right... he goes through a full childhood all over again.
Fifth Act, by Sinnatious is a time-travel fic done right. Cloud goes back in his adult body, and one of the first things he does is save Genesis, almost by accident. Changes snowball from there. 
The Golden Chocobo, by Electrainverted. Cloud/Sephiroth. Cloud was a chocobo, met Sephiroth and Zack, and decided to use secret chocobo materia to shapeshift. 
Glass Slipper, by K.A.Rose. Rude/Reno. Reno is a functional hermaphrodite, and it's more difficult than it sounds to hide that from co-workers. K.A. Rose left the internet in 2011, but the Wayback machine will get you the fic - just not the illustrations.
How to Succeed in Sexual Blackmail Without Really Trying, by thorne_scratch. Cloud/Reno. Reno pesters Cloud, whose POV is so inadvertantly funny, into eventually starting a relationship.
Mascotverse, by Ciceqi. Ciceqi has friendslocked, but as of 2016 the fics are (slowly) being added to AO3. Cloud/Zack & Aeris/Zack -->  the OT4. Sephiroth meets Zack, then meets Aeris and Cloud, and everyone ends up trying to fix Cloud's self-esteem.
The Performance Review of Leonard Wangtabulous, a cracky Turk fic.
Secretary to the Generals, by fringeperson. When Cloud fails the SOLDIER test, he becomes the paperwork and schedule wrangler for the 3 Generals. Eventual Cloud/Sephiroth, background Angeal/Genesis and Zack/Aeris.
Strange Bedfellows, by Iggy Lovechild. Cloud/Reno. Between the game and Advent Children, Reno and Cloud get together (until Cloud's GeoStigma, and then he breaks it off without explaining), and after the movie they reconcile.
Thorns, by Vathara. Aeris/Cloud/Zack. I'm not sure how to describe this one - Hojo's experiments are tainted when *something* gets into the mako, and Cloud is altered noticeably. Aeris and Zack help him cope. There's some subplot with OCs, which was fun but seems to have been left hanging, imho.
The Things You Never Knew About People, by Joudama. Reno is fluent in a dialect of Wutaiese (or whatever the official name for the language is). Flashbacks to his childhood tell us why.
The Turk's Way, by Luna Storm. Vincent could show the modern Turks a thing or two when it comes to manipulating people. It's a good thing he's got the chance to travel back in time and change the Nibelheim Mission. Gen.
Wark With Me, Kid, by ChibiRisu-chan. Cloud is entirely too interesting to chocobos - and thus he has conversations with Sephiroth as he's being held down and groomed by Sephiroth's mount. 

Fic: WIP and/or Stalled
Fusion, by KnowingShadows. Slash implied/UST, C/S. Cloud is sent back in time (or possibly not - could be a Cetra-induced dream) to do it right this time around.
~Green Dreams, by Filthy Mushi. Another Cloud-goes-back-to-fix-it-all fic. Cloud/Sephiroth UST. This one throws Cloud back to the beginning of training - a common choice. I like his relationship with Reno, and his difficulties with hiding his skills.
~GUARD, by Esama. Another time travel fic, where so many people go back in time that Cloud doesn't really need to do much other than enjoy himself and slowly work his way into a position of importance. EDIT: not currently online.
~Once More, With Feeling, by Illusar Meaneld. One of many Cloud timetravels! fics.
~Ultima, by Esama. AU, a FFVII world where there's a biological Dominance Hierarchy (unlike in the popular cross-fandom Omegaverse, this dynamic really permeates everything, not just sex). When Cloud became a Weapon of the Planet, he became the Ultima - dominant beyond all Alphas - and he's gone back in time to prevent the destruction of the Planet. 

~As mentioned, Ciceqi, if you can get to her site.
Miko no da. Mostly C/Z , with one memorable set of Turk fics.
White Aster

~The ever-famous
alternate subtitles for Advent Children
"Toy Story" by Ardwynna
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