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This fandom was all due to Maldoror, who I followed from Naruto to One Piece. That must have been sometime in 2006. The fics are a mix of humor, slash, or both. There may be some het in the authors' archives. EDIT: 5/5/17, to clean up broken links and reorganize.

~As mentioned, 
Maldoror has some great stuff. Specific highlights:
Like Steel for Chocolate (Sanji has an unusual skill when he cooks in a state of high emotion)
Up on the Peak (Kaku of CP9 has lost his purpose; Zoro finds it for him, ironically enough) 
Interlude for Eight Straw Hats and One Giraffe (In which all named parties are coincidentally at the same place at the same time)
Hot Seat (CP9 tries out - and wears out - several candidates for Director)
The Games of Fate (Lucci left behind a pregnant OFC who seeks Paulie and Iceberg's help)
The World's Greatest Swordswoman (Zoro isn't bothered by a Devil Fruit user's genderbender curse, although Sanji suffers an existential crisis when he has to be courteous to fem!Zoro)
Sadly, most of the prolific authors whose fics I liked have left the fandom, and tossed aside their works at the same time. RIP, Paxnirvana (your Smoker/Ace long!fic will haunt me), Ecphrastic (so funny!), and PTPS (you made crack!fic sound reasonable). Those who are still left have some drabbles and longer fics in their LJ Memories:
Chibi Trillian
Sasori Katana

An Officer and Some Gentlemen, by Y. St. Ace. Smoker and Tashigi are forced to attend a cotillion on a civilian island. Hijinks ensue. Gen.
Communication, by Jaelle. The Strawhat crew use a Dendenmushi for their own, silly, purposes. Gen.
One Piece, Version Two, by Sakurazuka_jae. If the canon members were, uh, not available. The replacement crew is just wonderful. Gen, some implied slash (Navigator --> Captain, Captain --> Marine).
Raptus Regalis, by Mettathron. AU that was jossed by the 2016 Sanji arc, but nevertheless makes a good guess at the twisted dynamics of his family. Warning for cannibalism. Mostly gen, perhaps a little Sanji/Zoro.
Rubric, by Manic_intent. Smoker and Ace have a plotty, adventurous romance. Great OCs, particularly the female D. character, and some really good scenes. Smoker/Ace.
Rules of Love, by Sabershadowcat. Sanji and Zoro are crewmates, with benefits. They certainly aren't in love - or, at least, Zoro knows Sanji isn't. Sanji/Zoro.
RUMBLE!, by TreeStar. Luffy eats one of Chopper's Rumbleballs, to his detriment. Luffy/Zoro.
Seven Deaths, by X-Parrot. Sanji defiles a priestess and must undergo ritual cleansing. Except none of that is precisely true. Zoro stands by to keep his nakama from giving up. Gen.
Switch Switch, by PeroxidePest17. Another genderbender Zoro fic, with the predictable result of Sanji/Zoro.
Whores Are Cheap (But Not For Zoro), by Alita B Angel. Zoro meets Johnny and Yosaku "at work". How they eventually end up traveling with him, the next day, depends a lot on the night before. Zoro/Johnny/Yosaku. 
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