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The first year of college, my friends and I watched all the episodes within a few weeks. I was hooked, and ended up buying my own set. Since then ('03), my fandom interest slowly dropped, and plummeted after I saw the movie. I still re-read old stuff, and there's one or two WIPs that I keep up with, but otherwise we're quits.

~ About Firefly:
Can't Take The Sky From Me
~ Archive: 
Firefly's Glow

Gen Fic:
Browncoat, Green Eyes, by nonjon. Crossover with Harry Potter. Harry wakes up in the distant future, and wonders what happened to wizardry. Eventually, he ends up working on Serenity, and the crew leads him towards the answer, getting caught up in the quest themselves. A good use of both canons; a very slight change to HP canon that only affects the epilogue of the 7th book - and eventual River/Harry.
Indistinguishable from Magic, by Kieyra. A fix-it fic. River finds some secret Alliance experiments, and uses one to change the past.
Sturdy, and sequel Weapon of Choice, by Ana. Author's summary: "Helen gets a certain kind of customer." Obviously some implied Jayne/Helen (his blonde 'payment' in the Heart of Gold episode), but what they do together outside of sex is more important.
Vacancy, by Ana. Jayne decides to leave Serenity, and Mal goes through a succession of replacements. 
Wish I Was Somebody Else, by NauticalGal. It's a plausible fix-it fic for the end of the movie and Wash's death. 

Children of the Cobb, by WastelandRose. Jayne Cobb made ten laps around the Verse's whorehouses; now the kids've come to visit.  Stalled WIP. The River/Jayne relationship is there, but not the focus.
~If you read no other Firefly fics, still consider the Horseshoe Nails series, by Dyce. It is an epic River/Jayne, which diverts from canon before the movie, and in doing so keeps the cast from disaster. In order, the fics are:
Two Gorram Days   Kinship   Bank Job   Miranda    and Prodigal (officially a WIP, but it ends at a satisfactory spot).

Slash Pairings:
Ambiguity, Two Scenes, and Body-Thing, by Ana. A short genderbender series. Because sometimes Jayne is a girl's name - or more accurately, sometimes Jayne (like the other natives of a particular moon) is a woman. Implied slash Jayne/Simon, before het Jayne/Simon.
An Arrangement of Parts, by Ana. Against all odds, Jayne and Simon make a good team for heists and in bed. My favorite heist would have to be the sex-resort. Jayne/Simon.
Like Describing the Alphabet, by Mosca. Mal/Jayne, background Inara/Kaylee. Jayne and Mal go together better than they, and the others, might think. And anyway, talking about love is like describing the alphabet.
Merc Talk Magazine: For All Your Mercenary Needs, Issue 278. A magazine that keeps mercs up on shops, news, classifieds, obituaries and personals. Lots of implied UST between Mal, Jayne, Simon, etc., and a small hint of Badger --> River.
Prospect, and sequel Horizon, by Ana. From the second-person POV of an OMC who is a part-time whore, part-time carpenter; he/"you" gets hired by Jayne both before and after the Ariel episode. There's a happy future for "you" and Jayne both, possibly.
Water in One Hand, by Ana. In a velvet apocalypse, the planets and moons of the 'Verse start losing their terraforming; the crew of Serenity finds work in hunting for water and carrying planetary refugees. A small amount of Mal/Simon. 
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