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I had this fandom in my Assorted Fandoms post for some time, but my list of recs has recently ballooned. This book, which won the Locus and almost won the Hugo and Nebula awards, is a very political fantasy story about a despised younger son suddenly inheriting the throne. Racism, sexism, homophobia, class issues and their causes are all discussed, and the politics focuses on progressivism (or, well, the fantasy version of it) and Maia's difficulties in converting a conservative court to accept his pro-female, pro-worker policies. And of course it features intrigue, assassinations (both successful and attempted), canonical same-sex marriage, witty wordplay, women who want to duel their fiance's enemies, and a ruler who opts for mercy and justice over personal revenge. Basically this book has most of my favorite things. Whenever I pick it up, it's almost impossible to put it down, even though it's almost 500 pages long. Everyone, read this book!

Mostly, I read gen fic that covers other POVs, as the book is entirely through Maia's eyes, and small explorations into missing scenes or continuations. Any pairings, other than the canon Csethiro/Maia, will be marked.


~An Unquiet Beast, by bigsunglasses. Hesero, wife of Setheris, is grappling with the sudden knowledge that in the decade he has been parted from her, he was a child abuser. She must find a new purpose in her life beyond supporting her husband - could allying with the new empress be it? Past Hesero/Setheris.
but I will hold as long as you like, by roachpatrol. A short exploration of how Csethiro makes a mistake in dealing with her betrothed, and fixes it.
can't fight against the youth, by Sour_Idealist. Idra's impressions of the events in the months from the death of his father (and grandfather, and uncles) through the various coups of the winter. He has an idea of what he needs to be doing, but needs some help to get there. 
~Chenelo's Treasures, bysong_of_staying. One of Maia's maternal aunts sends him a box of his mother's belongings, left behind when she married Varenechibel IV. 
~Policies of the Dynasty, by Prinzenhasserin. Succession crisis? There's a person in charge of sorting out the competing claims, who for once has a busy day.
~sword and shield, by maesilju. Beshelar's first impressions of the new emperor, and how his opinion evolves into respect and friendship.


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