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 Apparently I can't stay away from a sci-fi cartoon fandom if it's done by the same crew that made Avatar The Last Airbender. Good to know about myself! My recs are pretty Lance-centric, but then, it seems like a chunk of fandom is the same way. Largely because he is one of the more complex characters and he has not - in the opinion of fans - had sufficient screentime.

~Empty Nest, by Hedgi. Mama Holt thought she'd be able to hold onto her daughter, at least.
~He Sleeps, She Sings, They Listen, a series by Jadencross. In a divergence from how the team met up again after the rescue of Allura, Lance ends up on his own and makes a desperate move. The fics revolve around his rescue, as well as general team bonding afterward.
Home and a Half, by sarehptar. During a mission, Keith finds three Galra children whom Voltron has just orphaned. He makes the call to bring them to the castle, and struggles to learn parenting skills. WIP.
~Not Your Year, by IntelligentAirhead. Role-switch AU - Lance is the one kicked out of the Garrison and forced to get by in a desert hut with only geckos for companionship.
~Your Princess Is In Another Castle, by VelkynKarma. Allura is a talented diplomat, able to handle any kind of situation that arises. Any.

~The Expiation Expedition, by IntelligentAirhead and obstinateRixatrix. Just your typical planet of lesbian lizard aliens, managing to get Lance and Keith fake-married through a diplomatic misunderstanding - you know, Tuesday for Voltron.
~How to Train Your Galra, a series by magisterpavus. Even a half-Galra, apparently, is subject to the heats of a fullblood. The stories' arc goes from Keith and Lance getting together under the influence of a heat, and Keith slowly realizing that he's been a heel in this relationship.
~What a Healing Pod Can't Fix, by Remember_Me. Another one of the "Lance gets separated" fics; it's not enough that the rest of Voltron tracked him down, as he's merged with Blue to survive and is slowly losing himself. The Keith/Lance is present but nothing other than confessions happen.

~A Disaster Would Be An Understatement, by VenemousSecret. Because sometimes threesome negotiations go horribly and no one is happy. One of my rare unhappy-ending recs... and I like it because it is so in-character, however terrible the result is.
~From First Principles, a series by Lys ap Adin. In contrast, this series shows mistakes and miscommunications that eventually get resolved. Hurray!

~Black to Blue, by PuppetMaster55. Canon Lance switches places with a Lance who's the Black Paladin; this makes it obvious that the canon team isn't as in-sync as they could be. So far, alt!Lance/alt!Shiro, and canon!Shiro being a dick (understandably, as he's still deep in PTSD and more stress from being the leader of Voltron, but still). While the story finished in July 2017, a sequel is desperately needed to complete the arc.

~A matter of (mis)interpretation, by Yuu_chi. Hunk and Lance have been together for years. It's a shame (and hilarious at the same time) that the rest of the team can't see the obvious.

~Comics by Knacke, illustrating how the events of Lance's life look to his family (which, let's face it, has to be heartbreaking). Part One and Part Two


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