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Much like Yuri!!! On Ice, this one snuck up on me over the course of 2016, until I had enough recs that I could no longer justify not having a separate post for it. While I have never played the game, I have very much enjoyed the world-building content that Blizzard provides and the fandom has been lovely. LAST UPDATED: 8/24/17.

Before the recs, here's the Blizzard videos and comics you should read first, to be prepared for the general storylines and characterizations:

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer (General overview, Winston & Tracer vs. Reaper and Widowmaker) This can be watched first, or directly after Recall and Alive, since those involve Winston and Tracer's activities just before Overwatch's recall.
Recall (Winston's story; Winston vs. Reaper)
Alive (Assassination in King's Row; Widowmaker vs. Tracer)
Dragons (Brothers meet again; Genji and Hanzo's stories)
Hero (Street Gangs terrorize Dorado; Soldier 76's story)
The Last Bastion (Background on Omnic Wars; Bastion & Ganymede's story)
Infiltration (Sombra blackmailing Russia's leader; Widowmaker, Reaper & Sombra vs. Volskaya, with a Zarya cameo)
A Moment in Crime Special Report: "The Junkers" (Junkrat & Roadhog)
Soldier 76's Origin (bearing in mind that he is, in fact, Jack Morrison)
Ana's Story (How Ana Amari didn't die)
Sombra's Story (Sombra's childhood and teenage years as a budding hacker)
Orisa's Story (how Efi Oladele created a new 'bot from the scraps of the old, and gave it a heart)
Doomfist Origin Story (apparently he's got ideas about humanity needing violence to progress)
The Plan (A quick look at Junkrat & Roadhog's dynamic, and the new Junkertown map)
Rise and Shine (Mei has all the bad luck down in Antarctica, and is essentially Macguyver)

Trainhopper (Jesse McCree before the Recall)
Dragonslayer (Reinhardt's story)
Going Legit (Junkrat and Roadhog briefly consider becoming respectable citizens)
A Better World (Symmetra struggles with the inherent immorality of creating a Utopia)
Mission Statement (Fareeha Amari as Helix's security chief)
Destroyer (Torbjorn's story)
Legacy (another take on Ana's story)
Old Soldiers (Ana reunites with Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes)
(Reinhardt is really good at telling Halloween stories using his friends as templates for monsters)
Reflections (Tracer battles the scourge of last-minute Christmas shopping and loses)
Binary (Torbjorn offers to get rid of a rogue Bastion in Sweden, but finds out it's not so rogue after all)
(7 years ago: Tracer gets recruited, just as there's an Omnic uprising in King's Row, and the UN has restricted Overwatch involvement)
Masquerade (Doomfist is out of prison and angry with Talon's leadership)
Wasted Land (Junkrat & Roadhog's first meeting, from Roadhog's bitter POV)

And now for the fandom side of things!

FANART: Mostly, I'm noting the humorous stuff, and a few series, but there's plenty of gorgeous, jaw-dropping art out there.
~Can't believe Reyes designed their uniforms, by chloerozo
~Gabriel Reyes takes a shine to a captured Deadlock Jesse, by chloerozo
~He Uses Skulls In All Of His Decorating, by hot-gothics. Reyes and his Blackwatch gang do Gaston's song.
~In some other universe, Gabriel Reyes was an unusual but good Dad, by dies-first
~McCree doesn't like Hanzo's new look, by luoiae
Roadhog and Mercy have something in common
, by Pokketmowse

~Continuing Saga (of pre-canon Gabriel/Jack flirting --> relationship), by Coecret [Complete]
~Family AU, by Disteal (AU series set in the present, featuring the Reyes, Morrison, Amari and Shimada families; some Gabriel/Jack UST) [WIP/Ongoing]
~Rendezvous, by blacksmiley (McCree meets Hanzo again in Overwatch) [Complete]
Sassy Zenyatta series, by Kitsune2022. Because this is the characterization we all deserve to see. Includes vids as well! [WIP/Ongoing]
~Superhero AU, by Moraggian. While most characters get a superhero or villain identity, the real story is about Genji and McCree falling for each other with only McCree aware of all four of their identities. [WIP/Ongoing]
~Two Demons AU, by dilfosaur. So, what if that Oni skin of Hanzo's was what he really looks like when he's not hiding as a human? And what's up with McCree's Deadeye? [WIP/Ongoing]

~Dream a Little Dream, by Pyro Maniac. A vid for the fic Hang the Fool, featuring Mama Cass and a frightening Reaper.
History Has Its Eyes On You Soldier:76
, by Kevmysta. Excellent pairing of a Hamilton song with a character.
~Inner Peace, by Ardy. IIRC, this is based on a comic about Genji and Zenyatta, and looks very much like Blizzard's vids.
~No Mercy, by The Living Tombstone. Why every team needs a support. Extremely catchy!
~Wait For It, by YanaStones. Much like the other Hamilton-inspired vid, this one is a good montage, albeit less tied to a specific character.
~You're Welcome, by totalspiffage. Mercy tells everyone why they should be thanking her. A great parody of the Moana song.
Unit Lost has a series of videos intended to help casual gamers level up in their play as particular Overwatch characters. I found them interesting even without having played.
Hanzo Shimada/Jesse McCree:
A Comedy of Eros (A Tragedy of Communication in Five Acts), by AsheRhyder. An Overwatch mission in Ilios leads to Hanzo finding, and using, Cupid's arrows - and the results are surprising to all present. Also some Reaper/Soldier:76.
A Losing Combination
, by manic_intent. Slight AU, in that it takes place before the fall of Overwatch, and Hanzo has not given up leadership of the Shimada, but otherwise faithful to canon. Hanzo hires the outlaw Jesse McCree to help him with various takeovers and defenses, but is unaware that McCree is actually part of Blackwatch, which is curious about the rise of omnics in Japan. Also, there's a subplot around Gabriel Reyes - both Jack Morrison's UST for him, and Reyes' eventual first steps into betrayal.
Devil Went Down to Georgia, by Goodluckdetective. Fifteen years ago, Jesse sold his soul to a crossroads demon, and now it's coming to collect.
~Fair Enough, by AsheRhyder. A "Five Things" fic, centered on the premise that McCree never makes the same request twice.
Hang the Fool, by AlmaMeDuele. McCree's not sure about this brother of Genji's, but he is a good shot with those arrows, and he's always liked to find what makes people tick.
Like the River, by Goodluckdetective. Author's Summary: Dragon Spirits don't trust just anyone; McCree never expected them to ever trust him. Or how McCree gained some trust, won a shootout, almost caught the flu, and proceeded to be the most handsome damsel in distress Overwatch has ever seen.
Lone Wolf
series, by AsheRhyder. McCree is brought to heel at age 17 by Gabriel Reyes. He takes it hard when Overwatch falls, and seven years later finds it almost impossible to be open and friendly with the new Overwatch. Kudos for a McCree whose cowboy persona is a front - a comfortable one, but fake nonetheless.
Lost in Translation, by BenevolentErrancy. Hanzo, being a man afflicted with "Cannot Spit It Out", falls back on constant confessions and endearments in Japanese. Of course, there are other members of Overwatch who speak Japanese...
~May I, by Ingridarcher. The recalled Overwatch is called in to help the new leader of the Shimada (an interesting OFC named Keiko), and in doing so Genji & McCree repeatedly bump into Hanzo (who is still being a morose lump, and who is in denial that a cyborg is his brother). I especially like the way the fic subverts the Women Stuffed Into Refrigerators trope.
~the More Than True series, by AsheRhyder. Shapeshifters may sound like fairy tales, but several people find out to their surprise that some stories have grains of truth. Such as, turning into a freaking dragon after trying to kill your brother.
Playing Possum, by Goodluckdetective. When McCree's bounty goes up, it makes sense to pull a Tom Sawyer. Only drawback: he and most of the other members of Overwatch weren't clued in on this plan.
~Searching For Game..., by AsheRhyder. Possibly one of the only modern-AUs I will accept - Genji is McCree's friend, and asks him to test his new videogame "Overwatch"; McCree spends his days playing the game, writing Westerns, and trying to get to know his new taciturn neighbor. 
this grave ain't big enough for the two of us, by sajere1. Short crack-fic: what if all the characters that have been presumed dead at any point show up for the first time at Jesse and Hanzo's wedding? 

Gabriel Reyes (a.k.a. Reaper)/Jack Morrison (a.k.a. Soldier:76):
Hereafter, by varlovian. AU with soulmates; Jack Morrison doesn't figure out that he's soulmates with Gabriel Reyes, but after their violent parting in Switzerland led to some physical problems, Soldier:76 is starting to figure out who Reaper is to him. 
How Gabriel Reyes Became King Of Memes, by Anna_Blossom. In some future when the "villain" characters flee Talon and join Overwatch, it's tricky for any of them to make friends... then Reaper laughs at Torbjorn's dabbing, and people get the impression that he only cheers up for memes.
The One You Feed, by AsheRhyder. This is the last part of the author's More Than True series, but all you need to know from that one is that some people (McCree, Hanzo, and Reyes) in times of stress step over the line from man to monster. Unlike the other fics, it is focused on how Soldier:76 finds a way to help Reaper redeem himself. 

Jesse McCree/Gabriel Reyes:
Bad At Making Friends, by fabrega. Every few months, Reaper takes a long weekend. Sombra decides to track him and finds a cowboy waiting.
Half Measures, by manic_intent. AU, ABO style (which I don't normally like unless the author is going against the stereotypes). When a young Jesse McCree is picked up by Blackwatch, despite being an alpha he's used to ingratiating himself with others. Morrison and Reyes are at outs, and there's an opportunity for McCree to give Reyes a helping hand.

Jesse McCree/Genji Shimada:
~love like yours, by tanyart. Funny how a time-travel visit from your future self and his lover can change your whole outlook - even if only a little.
~Now Look Into My Eyes (And Tell Me), by ladyhoneydarlinglove. Genji needs some emergency maintenance, and Jesse's the only person available who's even slightly competent. They inadvertently discover that some of his cybernetic ports can function like erogenous zones due to direct connections with his remaining nervous system.

Jamison Fawkes (a.k.a. Junkrat)/Mako Rutledge (a.k.a. Roadhog):
Catch, by SaunterVaguely. Roadhog sets up a job for them with Reaper and a bunch of other criminals, but warns Junkrat off PDAs. Naturally, by the end of the fic, they've decided to help out Overwatch, since the members seem to be more tolerant.
Hidden in Plain Sight, by Thorinsmut. Roadhog's been hiding something from Junkrat, but now that they have a few weeks in a safehouse to chill out, it might be a good time. Genderflip, Roadhog as a believable woman.

Other Pairings:

~The A-Mei-Zing Outback Adventure, by FunkyFluff. Mei gets antsy with the lack of environmental missions, and proposes one to Australia, with a certain two Junkers as assistants/bodyguards. Mei/Junkrat.
~Contract Work, by BubbleBtch. Symmetra has certain needs, and few qualms about making sexual favors into a business transaction - it's Junkrat who's thrown for a loop. Junkrat/Symmetra.
~Now Streaming: Love!, by Hubris_and_Crafts. Essentially, Hana is either Emma or just a peeping tom. Pairings include Hanzo/McCree, Angela/Genji/Zenyatta, Reaper/Soldier:76, D.Va/Lucio, and Tracer/Widowmaker.

~The Cuckoo In The Nest, by AsheRhyder. So, if Gabe was infiltrating Talon to find the Overwatch mole 
(in this verse, anyway - canon has been suspiciously silent), who does that logically leave as the best mole option?
FMK, by Jellycho. A newly-cyborged Genji is a sullen addition to Overwatch, until a certain cowboy introduces him to an old meme. A dash of implied Hanzo/McCree at the end.
Last Call, by viewingcutscene. Sombra, Widowmaker and Reaper take a break from Talon on Christmas and drop in on McCree drowning his sorrows after a break-up with Hanzo. I liked the small, throwaway details that fleshed out the characters (ex. Jesse has a secret Harvard education and is faking the drawl) and the funny POV of Sombra. Also, there's a quick Zarya cameo. EDIT: now with a sequel.
Standard-Issue, by BenevolentErrancy. Gabriel's going to kill Jack for misleading him about the kid in the interrogation room. 
Western Wisdom, by Anna_Blossom. 20 Times that people asked for - or involuntarily received - advice from Jesse McCree. Background Hanzo/McCree and other minor pairings.
~What did you do to my eyes (what did you say to my only child?), by CourtneyCourtney. Fareeha Amari sometimes wishes she wasn't her mother's daughter. Finally, a fic with Fareeha characterization that gives her more life and feelings than canon; there's good Ana and Reinhart here too. 

Hanzo Shimada/Jesse McCree WIPs:
Body in Electric Blue, by saltsoldier. The respawn glitches (how much do I love it when the respawn is made a part of canon?) and Hanzo and Jesse end up swapping bodies.
~The Cooking Cowboy, by Sadako Tetsuwan. I don't normally like modern AUs for Overwatch, but this one is charming - Hanzo is a lawyer, and he unwinds by watching an online cooking channel that is incongruously hosted by a cowboy.

hot oil spit, by faorism. AU, the type with soulmarks. So far, it's only shown a very young Jesse getting an enormous and unusual soulmark. 
~Points on a Circle, by Hubris_and_Crafts. The slow build, with many flashbacks, of the following: Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada's friendship --> relationship; the friendship --> triad of Genji, Mercy & Zenyatta; Symmetra's integration into Overwatch, friendship with Junkrat, and mutual crush on Pharah.
~Two Noons in Their Moccasins, by Scrumpadouchus. Essentially, an AU during the first Overwatch and pre-Shimada brothers fight, and it's an AU fusion with Kimi no Na wa... Jesse and Hanzo start waking up in each other's body. I am desperately hoping that the little plot-twist from the movie appears in this, and I can't decide who I want to be the one with the revelation.

Other Pairings and Ensemble Fics:
~It's basically DISCORD, by Ubercharge. Very similar to the ArcaneAdagio fic, it's another one based on text/chat antics. Slightly different pairings and jokes (Genji/Reaper is the biggest change, and it looks like there may be future Lucio/Junkrat and D.Va/Sombra), but by and large running on the same tracks - which is good when I want silliness.
Overwatch Emergency Communication Channel (i swear it's emergency only), by ArcaneAdagio. A tongue in cheek exploration of the zany interactions of the recalled Overwatch members, mostly via texts. Some jokes are overdone, but by and large I laugh at some point in each chapter, and a few (the Monopoly game) crack me up. Tons of implied relationships, including Reaper/76, Hanzo/McCree, Mercy/Pharah, Lucio/Genji, Tracer/Widowmaker, Mei/Zarya/Symmetra - basically, anything that isn't het.
~Truce, by AVoreSmith. AU, Hanzo is still in charge of the Shimada, and Overwatch never fell. McCree brings in new criminals to increase the ranks of Blackwatch (I love Junkrat and Roadhog as current recruits) and decides to go along with Genji's request to bring in his brother. NOTE/WARNING: The author says this will be Hanzo/McCree/Genji, and so far it's McCree/Genji with attraction acknowledged between McCree and both brothers. Incest is less my thing to read than it was when I was a curious teen, but so far AVoreSmith is meeting my fairly high standards for it (as follows: very well written; caused by familial dysfunction making ordinary affection hard to display; not romantic in nature; not likely/impossible to reproduce).
~You Touch Me and I Burn, by quietpastelcolours. Alternating POVs give us a chance to see Symmetra's difficulties with balancing Vishkar's orders and the customs of Overwatch, and Junkrat's grappling with the idea of a good "suit". Of course, it's heading for Junkrat/Symmetra.
~Your Body Is A Weapon, by vargrimar. When Junkrat met Symmetra, she hated him on sight. The gradual friendship and mutual UST came as a surprise. Symmetra POV, Junkrat/Symmetra eventually I hope.

The New Kid, by VolatileSoloiste. AU, Junkrat gets recruited by Blackwatch before the fall of Overwatch. Jesse becomes his handler.
Son, You've Got A Ways To Fall, by Ace_up_the_sleeve. Another Jesse McCree training in Blackwatch fic.
steadfast tin soldier, by twigcollins. Author's summary: Soldier:76 comes in from the cold. Even if the plot was not so good as it is, I would still love it for addressing - and rescuing - the omnic from the Dorado short.
Thanks dad; love hana, by Snowsheba. The slowly building family of the new Overwatch, from D.Va's POV - and with extra focus on her relationship with her new "dad" Soldier:76.
Trigger Finger, by comfycheesecake. Gabriel Reyes takes in and trains a young punk named Jesse McCree. There seems to be a whole genre of these, and this is a solid example.
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