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Like much of the world - at least the part that participates in fandom, figure-skating, anime, or a mix of all three - I have been delighted by the plot developments of Yuri!!! On Ice (the three exclamation points are obnoxious, but I've resolved to be accurate when it comes to titles). It's rare for any form of fictional media to have openly gay characters in healthy relationships, but in a sports anime it's practically unheard of. This anime about a slumping skater who catches the attention of the bored prior-gold-medalist, and consequently gains him as his new coach and eventually his lover, is really breaking new and fun ground.

[Note: for new fans, there are two Yuris in this canon. Some people differentiate Japanese Yuri as Yuuri, and Russian Yuri as Yurio. I will follow that convention for convenience.]

Gen (background Yuuri/Victor unless otherwise stated): 
Instagram is Not an Ice Rink, by ladanse. Phichit starts an Instagram war with Chris - with Yuuri and Victor as their seconds/enablers.
katsuki_fc wrote, by tetsurashian. Yuuri's fan club, from his disastrous first Grand Prix to the present.
~Night is Young and the Music's High, by opalish. None of Yuuri's press conferences, after the "love declaration" one, are dull, and most involve (break)dancing.
on the way back to the hotel, by Trixiechick. The other skaters want to know how Yuuri learned to pole-dance. Bonus for everyone's attitude re: JJ.
searching through the crowd, by lily_winterwood. Crossover with Check Please!; wherein Bitty (having been a figure skater before hockey) and Lardo are Yuuri fans, and there are various serendipitous meetings between Jack & Bitty and Yuuri & Victor. Background Yuuri/Victor contrasted with Bitty/Jack.
~Yuri Plisetsky Has Two Dads, by Metis_Ink. The trials and tribulations of an adolescent pro skater with very embarrassing mentor-figures.

Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov: 
easy as pie, by awkwardedgeworth. The series from Victor's POV - he's come to Japan to coach his crush, but why doesn't sober Yuuri seem to still be interested? Bonus for supportive Georgi (the poor man needs to have a personality in fics other than pathetic stalker, and this one works).
i know my madness, by astoryaboutwar. AU, Vicchan doesn't die, so Yuuri doesn't flub his first Grand Prix Finals - instead he starts having one-night-stands with Victor, and is certain that casual sex is the best he can do. Naturally he's wrong.
~Just Hold On (We're Going Home), by kiaronna. AU, Viktor is the one who forgets the first GP Banquet. Yakov invites Yuuri to his rink, and painful mutual pining ensues.
Now When Arrows Don't Penetrate, Cupid Grabs The Pistol, by ken_ichijouji. Phichit's down with being the wingman for all the other skaters in the Grand Prix. Additional Leo/Guang-Hong.

Yuri Plisetky/Otabek Altin:
Feet first (Don't Fall), by gunboots. Otabek has been head over heels for Yurio since they trained together as children. The problem is in making himself take the chance.
Golden Days, by Ren. Yurio's grandfather wants to meet the delinquent (he presumes - after all, he rides a motorcycle) who's keeping his grandson out at night.
The naming of cats, by Csoru. The slow development of a relationship between a stoic and a spitfire. 

Other Pairings:
~Undress you, vulgarize you a bit, by havisham. During and after the first GP Banquet; Chris is friends-with-benefits with Victor, but realizes that Katsuki Yuuri is about to push him out of the picture. Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov implied, and Yuuri/Victor at the end.

WIPs, both current and inactive:
~The Adventures of Russian Ice Tiger Yuri Plisetsky and His Lovestruck Not-Coach, by Tolstoyevsky. Conversations between Yurio and Victor in the "missing scenes" in episodes. Yurio is so done with this nonsense.
~In the Motions, by inqueblott. Seung-Gil has less than zero interest in becoming acquainted with JJ - so why does the world keep pushing them together? Moving towards Seung-Gil/JJ. (EDIT: after episode 11, I feel like a heel for disliking JJ before. Nonetheless, I stand by my feeling that these two would have good chemistry.)
~On My Love, by RikoJasmine. Time travel, in which old!Yuuri (who had just been killed in a car accident) goes back to the days before his first disastrous attempt at the Grand Prix Finals. While he can do better than the first time around, it's bittersweet with the loss of his husband.
~The Tiger and the Lion, by ferric. Yuri Plisetsky loves animal prints, and somehow makes a friend (and future boyfriend perhaps?) by fighting for a leopard hat. Yurio/Kenjiro Minami.

And Humorous Fanart:
The Series from Yakov's Eyes, by Madelezabeth.

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