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I haven't seen the movie yet, but Tumblr and AO3 are going crazy for it, and the fandom seems like a good fit for my tastes. Incidentally, 99 44/100ths of Kingsman fics are fix-it; apparently no fans are putting up with Harry's death. So unless the fics otherwise stray from the main storyline, I won't bother marking them AU. Also, all fics are Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin unless noted otherwise.  EDIT: finally watched the film on 8/14/15, and well worth the wait it was. However, I will now be looking for more gen fic, as the actual spy stuff was what appealed to me the most in the film.

A Ring Of Gold, by thingsishouldntbedoing. Time travel; a young Harry meets a mysterious agent in Beirut, and fixates on him for the rest of his life. Luckily they meet again for the first time.
The Backup Plan, by DivineProjectZero. Gen, and all about Roxy from birth to Kingsman.
Close Range Surveillance, by Fayre. Harry's in the cell next to Tilde's. He plays unwilling voyeur to her and Eggsy, and learns a thing or two. Bit of Tilde/Eggsy, presumably the sequel will be Harry/Eggsy.
The Fire's Out But Still It Burns, by Vacilando. Eggsy keeps dialing up a dead man when he's in tight spots.
The Gentleman's Guide To Heat, by Azrielen. ABO universe fic. Eggsy's one of the only omega Kingsmen, which becomes part of his unique style of work.
Married To The Job, by Trilliath. Eggsy didn't know Harry was married. Pity no-one told him it was a convenient marriage.
Reasons to Shoot a Dog, by out_there. Everyone has their own theories. A movie fix-it coda, covering the time it takes to train another batch of recruits.
Stand back on the edge of your voice, by fideliant. Eggsy gets knocked into a coma during a mission - one of those "awake but can't move" types of comas. Harry comes and talks at him for some time.
Pretty Gentlemen series, particularly the first fic, by Della19. The first rule of action movies is to check the body, otherwise they're not dead.

Picture Perfect, by Esama. AU and crossover with Sherlock: the honeypot training mission isn't a fake, it's an assignment to get close to Mycroft Holmes.
Power and Control, by Loved_ice. Another ABO AU; Eggsy knows that subs are really the ones in charge. It makes him an especially effective Kingsman. A Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin/Merlin threesome in the works. 
Sympathique, by Amare & Lazulisong. Yet another ABO AU; Eggsy presents as an atypical omega - or an attached one, but that's not possible.
King's Man series, by Esama. Instead of bonking Princess Tilde, Eggsy has to get all those hostages out of Valentine's lair. In doing so, he becomes the face of Kingsman to them, and thus has to take the Arthur position... A gen series, so far.
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