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 It's a bit odd, but reading fic about hockey players has made me start watching a professional sport on a regular basis. Go figure. 

NOTE:  When I see that I have a WIP, removed or locked fic recced, I'll make a note next to the rec as a warning. Since so many Kaner/Tazer fics fall under one of the categories, I've split those recs by type and labeled the sections. Feel free to ask me in a comment if I have a copy of the removed fics, but I wasn't always fast enough. IMPORTANT EDIT ALERT: As of early March 2014, those people to whom I have recently emailed fics have replied saying that they cannot open them. I must assume that either the e-mail program hates attachments now or that the files were corrupted when I moved them to my new computer. Sorry, everyone, but it looks like I can no longer supply you with fic copies.

LAST EDITED: 9/29/14, as the Chelsea WIP finished. By request I will now indicate the newest recs visibly with a series of ***.

I actually had read one of these stories years ago, but now that I've read a few more, Hockey qualifies as a favorite fandom. The list below starts with "team" sections; the NHL Ladies, Shapeshifter and Gen sections cover all teams. It's followed by a list of other interesting websites, vids, and authors.


Fics Involving the Chicago Blackhawks:
~Don't You Rock My Boat, by Impertinence. They wake up with a soulbond, and eventually get used to being in each others' head.
~Hanging on a Moment of Truth, by Impertinence. Tazer is dosed with an aphrodesiac, and comes to Kaner. Kaner tries not to let on how much he misses the sex they used to have before they were famous.
~Human Empanada, by Impertinence. An AU where Kaner is a traditionally-useless prince of the United States and Tazer is the crown prince of British Canada.
~Patrick Kane, Matchmaker Extraordinaire, by ObscuredMemory. Kaner keeps setting up Tazer on blind dates, but Tazer is hopelessly hung up on Kaner.
~It's a Love Story, Baby, Just Say Yes, by svmadelyn. The one that begins with a bachelor auction, where Kaner buys Tazer for a million dollars.
~Crossroad Blues, by randomeliza. The demon Kane offers a 14-years-old Tazer a guaranteed successful hockey career - for the usual price.
~Bye Bye Blackhawk, by Jedusaur. Kaner is the fan that wins a week with the Blackhawks. Bonus Kaner/Sharpy.
~Tour de Force, by thehoyden. The one where Kaner's secretly a bestselling author.
~Your Daddy's Aim Is True, by thefourthvine. The one where the Cup grants wishes, in an odd way. Kidfic!
~The Redhead Said You Shred The Cello (and i'm jello), by Dodger. Wherein Kaner has a secret background in music.
~Tied If We Stay, by staraflur. A careless tweet goes everywhere, and now they need to play boyfriends in public when they'd only been friends with benefits before.
~Bring it if you really want it, by staraflur. Crossover with Harry Potter. North America has its own Triwizard Tournament.
~But You're So Magnetic, by Forochel. Kaner turns 24 and suddenly is attractive to everyone; it's disturbing at first and unbearable soon after.
~Character Mugs, Not Couple Mugs, by Beyondtheclouds. Everyone thinks they should be the poster couple for the NHL - but they're not dating, really.
~We should get jerseys ('cause we make a good team), by Svmadelyn. Sharpy tries to agitate Tazer in realizing his feelings for Kaner. That's just about as difficult as it sounds. Extra points for a fun Abby Sharp.
~This Name on My Wrist part 1: Black Lettering, by aohatsu. Everyone's soulmate's name appears on their wrists as children. Both Kaner and Tazer wear the league-approved wristguards, and have a friends-with-benefits arrangement until they meet the one; both are unnecessarily depressed by this (since one name-related confession to anyone would have removed certain assumptions).
~A light-handed approach to regulation, by hazel. Omegaverse fic; Patrick's the unconventional Alpha and Jonathan's an unconventional Omega. Goes from Pat's teenage years through rookie year until 2010.
~The walls kept tumbling down (in that city that we loved), by altri_uccelli. Another hockey-players-with-daemons fic, and daemons are one of my favorite tropes. I'm conflicted, though, because this is yet another entry in the list of fics where nobody at all is on Kaner's side, not even his own daemon, and I am very done with THAT trope. So judge for yourself!
~Cracked Foundations (We Just Go On), by Acacia_Zane and Kephisto. Patrick realizes that he and Jonny aren't really close friends anymore, and aren't going to be anything more since Jonny is apparently dating Saad. He's mistaken, thankfully.
~Measure of a Fall, by Merrin. Author's summary: Kaner gets traded out, traded around, and traded back.
~Through the Mirrored Maze, by sesame_seed. AU with daemons; Jonathan doesn't get along with his daemon, Patrick.
~Scattered Pieces of My Mind, by Calliotrope. Another scandal - a gay sextape - gets Kaner traded to Pittsburgh. He's understandably depressed, but learns how to move on. Warning for jerk Tazer, although he's suitably repentent.
~The Jar of General Equality (Patrick Named It) by Phoenixamongstwolves. Mostly-gen; Jonny enacts a new rule for chirping. EDIT: now with sequel.
~Who we are now (we will always be), by princesssid & toomanyhometowns. In Switzerland, Kaner's mother prompts him to reconsider his lifestyle. He makes himself a list of guidelines. (Slight Kaner/Tyler Seguin, but they decide not to go through with it.)
~Chelsea, Chelsea, I Believe and prequel, by Empathapathique. Right now, my favorite Kaner story, for all that it's not done. Kaner has a female friend, who is one awesome OC, and who hides *spoiler* from him until *spoiler* happens (no, I definitely don't want to give either of those plot points away). For once, while Kaner is hung up on Tazer, I almost don't want them to end up together permanently, because from Kaner's POV Tazer is being a complete emotionally-constipated dick. EDIT as of September 2014: It's done, and enormously long. Do not read it if you are prone to depression, as the author really nailed what that spiraling-into-helplessness mental pattern feels like. Not as many loose ends were tied up as I would've thought, but it does work as a story, although I would have loved to see how the family dynamic would've change when the season started... actually I think that's my one gripe with this, not enough actual hockey in this fic.
~The Hug Offensive, by Ingenious. Patrick has a superpower, although probably not the one you guessed.  
~The Gravity I've Fallen Into, by notamagnet. Crossover with Bandom (Panic! at the Disco). Kaner has to retire from hockey after his wrist gives out. Logically, he opens a cupcake shop with some rock stars.
~And It's Over, and I'm Going Under, by mockturtletale. Kaner and Tazer both do the unrequited love thing for each other.
~When the Morning After Lasts Forever, by Herwhereabouts. They get accidentally married and the public finds out, so they have to roll with it. Tazer eventually realizes that it's a good thing.
~Everybody Wants to Get Down Like That, by Zarathuse. Kaner is super jealous that Tazer used to sit in T.J. Oshie's lap.
~Don't Look Up, Down, Or To The Side, by hazel. Tazer falls in love - with a house (he was already in love with Kaner).
~Say It With Flowers, by hazel. Kaner listens to plants - sometimes they have good advice, and other times not.
~Switch, by montrose. The other Omegaverse fic - Patrick's the Omega and Jon is publicly an Alpha, but privately suspects that he's a "switch". I like both hazel and montrose's stories, when I usually don't love Omegaverse stuff, probably because Kaner and Tazer both struggle against society's expectations in them.
~Armed with every precious failure, by Liketheroad. The OTHER one with a soulbond, that's angsty because Tazer is a self-hating idiot. 
~Caring is Creepy, by Liketheroad. Tazer is whammied into telling the truth, and he admits he's in love with Kaner - to Kaner; Kaner likes that, but hates that it's followed up with "I wish I wasn't".
~Sugar Dumpling Muffin Baby, by Liketheroad. Goopy pet names are good for hiding serious feelings.
~How to Become a Man, by Liketheroad and mockturtletale. Kaner is temporarily de-aged, and Tazer becomes unable to hide how much he cares about him.
~The Best Parts of Lonely, by Liketheroad. The boarding school AU, with extra T.J. Oshie.
~Happiness is Not a Fish (That You Can Catch), by Liketheroad. Kaner struggles, during a summer vacation in Winnipeg, to convince Tazer that he doesn't love Kaner.
~Shot Right Through With A Bolt Of Blue, by Mermaid. Tazer basically has a stress-triggered Cyclops-esque mutation. Since that's ridiculous, only his brother believes him. Notable as the one fic I've read where his parents aren't supportive.
~I Said Maybe, You're Still The Only One For Me, by Beyondtheclouds. They break up after Kaner's week of stupidity in Madison, and if they're ever going to make it work again Kaner has to admit why it failed the first time.
~Incidental Contact, by Shoemaster. This is the one I read years ago - a side-effect of really enjoying the Vancouver Olympics. Crossover with Figure Skating RPS, with a dose of Brent Seabrook/Johnny Weir. At the Olympics, Seabs has a fling with Johnny Weir. He doesn't quite understand why his friend is so offended by this... until Duncs makes his move.
~Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing, by Shoemaster. Duncs is dating knock-off Seabs, and only his other teammates have noticed the trend.
~Summerboys, by stlkrchck. The AU where the Blackhawks are all camp counselors. LOCKED
~The series Strange Love, by Staalkers. Moving toward Kaner/Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh). Geno Malkin gets the impression that they're dating, and Sid's too much of a noob at relationships to be sure that Geno's wrong.
~Move Me or Move Through Me, by Lake beyond belief. Andrew Shaw/Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (Edmonton). Bumping into each other at a Manitoba barbeque is the cause of a soulbond.
~Finding Your Place, by ninja_orange. Kaner/Sharpy/Abby Sharp, AU with ABO orientations; Kaner's a beta, but the Sharps have an interest in him.
~A Little Sincerity, by 7iris. Kaner/The Sharps, again. Sharpy lies to Burish and says that he & Abby have moved on since he left them; good thing Kaner's willing to play along.
~Bottle Your Common Sense, by Calliotrope. Kaner/Geno, eventually, Kaner/Geno/Sid/Tazer. A bit of consolation after the 2010 Olympics turns into a serious polyamorous relationship.

Fics Involving the Pittsburgh Penguins:
~Never Hard To Find, by Missmollyetc. Geno has liked Sidney for years, but never said anything. Now he thinks it's too late, once he's caught Sidney with a puckbunny. His fellow Russians in the NHL think differently.
~See This Through, by Impertinence. The one where Sid orders a Russian "bride" by accident.  
~Hanging With The Unloved Kids, by ChibiRHM. Sidney is self-perceptive enough to know that he's gay and that he's into Geno. He just doesn't want to risk their friendship when he doesn't think Geno likes him like that. (Appearances of Kaner/Tazer and Hallsy/Ebs, with mentions of Carter/Richards.)
~This Must Be The Place, by thehoyden. Sidney's not very good at being like other people - in other news, the earth is round - and ends up accidentally living at Geno's.
~Right On The Limits, by thehoyden. A crossover, where Sidney finds out post-2011 injury that he's a Sentinel who needs training.
~Pass To Me Like You Mean It, by James. Finally, an asexual-Sid story. They're dating, but since there's no PDA, everyone thinks that Sid has just missed Geno's crush on him.
~Giving Me Excitations, by Hapakitsune. Sid's teammates have been pranking him with presents of sex toys for years.
~Sing a Lullabye, by Hapakitsune. Sid's the go-to babysitter for everyone in the NHL. This is a 5-times story, and I admit to only strongly liking about half of them.
~The Work of Wings, by thefourthvine. Sidney gets hit in the head and gets possessed by a famous and long-dead Soviet hockey player.
~You'll Never Have To Wonder, by Nebulia. Sid is telepathic - but so what, so are a bunch of other players (Geno included).
~Fastening One Heart To Every Falling Thing, by thefourthvine. Another world with telepathics (and soulbonds to complicate matters); Sid's on the high end of the scale, while Geno is a psychic null. Sid finds Geno's presence restful, compared with the rest of the world.
~This Name on My Wrist part 2: Cyrillic Lettering, by aohatsu. Everyone's soulmate's name appears on their wrists as children. In some ways, having a name in a foreign alphabet makes things easier, and in other ways it's harder.
~Sleeping With Dogs, by Nebulia and littlemissaily. Jeffrey, Geno's dog, and his perspective on life. Warning: Jeffrey in this fic (and in RL) is reaching the end of his natural lifespan, and he knows it.
~I Like The Way I Smell On You, by iBear. Another Omegaverse fic where smelling people is a thing - who started that scenting trope? Sidney smells terrible to most Alphas, and that might mean he's got a match in Geno.
~Brand New Colony, by oflights. They got drunk-married despite never being involved before, and Geno decides to tell Sid that it was meant to help with hockey rather than let him think there was no reason for it. Predictably, Sidney then refuses to get a divorce, because it would be bad luck.
~The State of Marriage, by iBear. Another marriage fic - keep up the good work, guys! - but this time they get married because Geno gets outed and fears for his life should he have to return to Russia. Not as grim as I made it sound, I promise.
~Stranger in this Lonely Town, by iBear. AU where Geno didn't make it out of Russia; during the lockout, Sidney comes to play for Metallurg and falls for their captain. I liked the author's decision to make the Pens not have won the Cup in 2009 - cascading failure stemming from the one point of change really works for me in terms of believability.
~Highway Unicorn, by thefourthvine. Sid's day starts off strangely, when he sees a unicorn rooting through the trash. A+ for worldbuilding. Special mention to Pentapus's illustration.
~King and Lionheart, by thehoyden. Another arranged marriage fic, and another AU where Geno doesn't make it to the NHL until after the last lockout, and even then needs to marry Sid before he'll come. The changed timeline means some players are still Penguins who were traded after Geno made them superfluous in reality.
~Welcome Home, by oflights. AU based loosely on The Time Traveler's Wife - Geno's the time traveler, and Sidney's the kid he inspires to stick with his dream of the NHL.
~Your Robot Heart Is Bleeding, by Taliahale. For all the jokes we make about it, there's surprisingly few cyborg!Sid fics.
~Better Ideas, by Impertinence. Both Geno and Jordy want Sid, even though he's weird. They eventually hit on a permanent threesome as a solution (good idea! more angsting folks should consider it).
~A series of fic involving this threesome's bedroom adventures, by Just Katarin: Nothing Weird, Whiskey Dick, and Gonna Come My Way. If you like, you can pretend they're in the same universe as Better Ideas.
~The Sid-Does-Not-Understand-Buddyfucking commentfic, by Just Katarin: Part 1Part 2Part 3. As ever in this fandom, Sidney Crosby does not understand human relationships, and really doesn't understand what appears to be a friends-with-benefits situation that Jordy set up. He definitely doesn't understand why he's coming as Jordy's plus-one to a Staal family wedding. He gets Jordy back later by dragging him to Sunday dinner with the boss.
~Heart in Hand, by salifiable. A slow burn romance that begins as fuckbuddies and travels through the unrequited love and public outing territories before ending up at the mutual confession. LOCKED
~From Wood and From Ivory, by Vamm Goda. This time it's a High School AU. LOCKED
~I am he as you are me as you are he and we are all together, by Northern Star. Bodyswap fic, during Sid's injury. LOCKED
~Going Up Flying, Going Home, by antumbral. Finally, a 2010 Olympics team story.
~En Route, by whatif. A mile-high club story for the trip to Vancouver 2010. I note this as one of the only stories I've read where Sid was not a virgin and on top of that didn't want to tap any Russians.
~Six Times Jack Johnson Doesn't Come Out (and one time he does), by boots. Jack and Sid, from the day they met until the future All-Star game in 'Lumbus.
~Reunited (And it feels so good?) by iBear. Jack is traded yet again, to the Pens.
~Taken by the Sea, by Notamagnet. As unlikely as this sounds, it's Sidney Crosby/OMC, with background Kaner/Tazer, Duncs/Seabs, and Claude Giroux/Danny Briere. A night out with the guys during his concussion is Sidney's accidental introduction to the man who becomes his husband. Long, and VERY domestic, so not for everyone.
~Snuggling with the Enemy series, by rekishi. Kris Letang/Alex Ovechkin, background Jordan Staal/Nick Backstrom, blink-and-you'll-miss-it suggested Sid Crosby/Tazer. Another begins-as-friends-with-benefits story, but with added subplot of let's-get-our-friends-together-it-couldn't-possibly-go-wrong. I actually really only like the story "Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts" from this series, but since it's the 4th story...
~Do You Hear What I Am Saying? by Andyworks. Jordan Staal/Kris Letang. I'm sensing a pattern: this is another friends-with-benefits story. However, this is also a miscommunication story, where Jordan thinks that Kris wants no commitments and makes himself miserable hiding his feelings, while Kris thinks otherwise and is miserable when his feelings aren't apparently returned. REMOVED
~A Murmur of Love, by Hapakitsune. Sidney Crosby/Danny Briere. Now that he's not a Flyer, Danny isn't actually all that bad, Sidney supposes - and of course his kids are great. Extra points for sulky Claude Giroux.
~Improving Border Relations, by AlchemyAlice. Sidney Crosby/Julie Chu (if somehow you don't know her, she's one of the U.S. women's Olympic team members). Patriotic pegging, sort of.
~A Thousand Silhouettes, by hapakitsune. Sidney Crosby/Marc Staal (please, more Marc Staal fics!) Sid catches the bouquet at Jordy's wedding.

Fics Involving the Los Angeles Kings:
~A two-part fic by Herwhereabouts: Slowly Winding Down For Years, and Much Ado About Nothing. It takes a while for Mike to admit that there's more to it than casual sex.
~Ballad of a Broken Bromance, by Impertinence. The year-long story covering the trade and afterwards... however, it's inadvertently a downer-fic as the author sensibly did not anticipate L.A. winning the Cup.
~At the End of All Your Lines, by Lake beyond belief. Just before the first trade, they get accidentally married in Vegas. As one does.
~Girls Who Look Like Each Other, by bestliar. It takes Doughty pointing out that the two of them usually pick up chicks that look like them for Mike to start thinking.
~Untitled Sidequel to thefourthvine's story about the magical Stanley Cup (see Kaner/Tazer section), by Doctor Denmark. Mike's vague wish leads to them having always been married. EDIT: A slightly different version of this has been uploaded to AO3 with the title Blame It On The Cuervo.
~Steal Some Covers, by Grim_lupine. 5 times they either shared a bed or thought about it [this pairing is getting a lot of "5 Things" fic, but I'm fond of this one in particular.]
~They're Calling Me Home, by ellot. Jeff arrives in L.A., and everyone assumes he and Mike are dating.
~& That Necessary, by Novembersmith. Zombie apocalypse when Jeff's in Ohio; he's waiting for Mike to come for him.
~The Eighth Sense, by musical_junkie. In a world where those who skate expect to telepathically "ice bond" with someone at least once, Jeff's a little concerned about how it goes for him and Mike. 

Fics Involving the Edmonton Oilers
~Baby, Let's Play House, by Doctor Denmark. They're drunk and repressed, and end up having a threesome with a woman. A year later she drops off a kid, and suddenly they really do have to think things through.
~There's an unnamed fic by Doctor Denmark where Hallsy and Ebs accidentally take a couples vacation in San Francisco.
~In Transit or; Taylor Hall is Having a Crisis and Everyone is Invited, by heartandmindxx. Hallsy isn't coping well with the realization that he's in love with his best friend.
~X Amount of Truth (Proof By Induction), by Mockturtletale. The truth-serum fic, finally. LOCKED ON LJ
~Who knows me half as well as me, by ten_miles_til_midnight. AU based on Harry Potter; Ebs chooses hockey over the magical world, to the consternation of his family & friends. There are compensations. 
~Tastes So Good, by Doctor Denmark. A broken hotel bed smeared with chocolate cake leads their teammates to the wrong conclusion - but it's eventually the right conclusion.
~Five emotions Ryan Nugent-Hopkins didn't expect to feel the year he made the NHL, by Athenejen. At first Nuge is just the rookie, observing and crushing on Hallsy/Ebs.
~Homemaker, Game Changer, by Mockturtletale. Nuge keeps coming over and fixing things, and soon it seems weirder when he's not there. LOCKED ON LJ
~Follow Me, I'll Be Right Behind You, by Opulsculasedfera. Nuge propositions Hallsy and Ebs under the impression that they were already dating. Even though he figures out he was wrong, he continues to think that they will inevitably leave him behind.
~Rumor Has It, by unperfectwolf. Ryan throws a spanner in the works when he asks for clarification about their relationship. 

Fics Involving the Philadelphia Flyers
~The Alternative to Calgary, by Level3Puckbunny. They would rather get married than see Claude go to Calgary. It takes them a while to realize why.
~Cherry Garcia, by Level3PuckBunny. Claude's been in love with Danny for a long time. Danny's not doing well with his realization of same.
~Hoping Something Good Might Grow, by Chronocides. Claude figures out that everyone thinks he's dating Danny, and freaks out because yes, he wants to, but Danny wouldn't want him as more than a casual partner. Obviously he's wrong.
~Permanent Parking, by Marycontraire. Claude moved out and got a new car; Cameron doesn't like either of those facts. LOCKED
~Just The Past, by Marycontraire. The Brieres visit the elder Girouxs, and much embarrassment of Claude ensues. 
~Friday Night Arrives Without A Suitcase, by Marycontraire. Danny, his kids and Claude in the Zehlendorf suburb of Berlin during the lockout (confession: having stayed one term of school in Zehlendorf, this story hits a lot of fond spots for me). 
~Home Team Advantage, by Butterfly-beat. Danny Briere/Chris Pronger. Throw together two divorced dads, add bonding over the difficulties of single parenting, and let simmer. LOCKED

Fics Involving the Carolina Hurricanes:
~I'm enjoying the fic snippets Shoemaster has on his/her LJ... particularly the Carolina Hurricanes ones. There's my favorite one where Jeff time travels and is Eric's rookie crush that persisted until they met again for the first time 8 years later. 
~Enough to Crush Your Veins, by Doctor Denmark. It's an AU where a retired ex-figure skater Jeff Skinner ends up the nanny for Eric Staal's 3 year old, and they eventually get together after months of misunderstandings.
~If Heaven's Hypothetical, by Impertinence and Shoemaster. AU where Jeff is a homeless runaway, but still wishes he could play hockey, and through serving Eric at a diner eventually ends up on his team and in his bed.
~No Foreign Lands, by Go Gentle. 5 times other people assumed they were a couple, and Eric's enlightenment on the matter.
~In At The Eye, by Mardia. It turns out they both want more than sex out of this. LOCKED
~Bubblegum & Candied Dreams, by Butterfly-beat. Jeff Skinner/Jared Staal. Jeff's surprised when he figures out which Staal he's really been dreaming about. Jared's surprised that he wants this relationship to last. [And I'm surprised someone wrote a Jared Staal story. More Marc and Jared Staal-fic, please!]  LOCKED

Fics Involving the Vancouver Canucks:
~#BOOM! and sequel Angel is a Centerfold, by 26miledrive. Apparently BizNasty (Bissonnette from the Phoenix Coyotes) is a love wizard who can hook people up with soulbonds via Twitter against their wills, and does so for the lulz. They learn to adjust.
~Nothing Worth Knowing, by Beatperfume and Shoemaster. Sometimes I like just one part of a series. Nothing Worth Knowing is part of a larger series Extracurriculars, a HS/College AU. This story is about Kesler & Ladd at college.
~Les Diamants Canadiens, by ice_hot_13. Losing the Cup almost kills their relationship before it begins. [Confession: I like a lot of ice_hot_13's fic, but I admit that it's a guilty pleasure.]
~Te Celebrer, Chaque Jour, by ice_hot_13. Ryan gets a birthday present every day for a month from Alex; it takes him about that long to realize he enjoys it.

Fics Involving Tyler Seguin (Boston Bruins and now Dallas Stars):
~I Wasn't Looking For This, by Friskas & Ninja Orange. Tyler B. is raising a baby and needs a place to stay - odd how the most convenient place is his old friend and longtime crush's apartment.
~Thirty-Six Hours, by rsadelle. A world where there's a virus that either kills you or mutates you.
~In Good Times And In Bad, by rsadelle. Tyler B. has to retire and becomes Segs's househusband.
~Falling was the easy thing to do, by unperfectwolf. Kaner/Tyler Seguin. Tyler falls for Patrick when they're in Europe together during the lockout, and has to endure the Kane sisters & Mrs. Kane rooting for him. LOCKED

Fics Involving the Toronto Maple Leafs (yes, I'm surprised too):
~I want to ride my bicycle (I want to ride it where I like), by sharksdontsleep. Tyler's surprised by the sheer amount of good-looking lays his roommate has.
~An Idiot's Guide to Online Dating, by speakingwosound. His sister Amanda convinces Phil to not erase the online dating account she set up for him. He finds he likes the guy who's also a Leafs fan.
~But not for lack of trying, by TheDukeOfAvon. In the author's own words: In which the Leafs collectively embark on the most unhelpful and unnecessary matchmaking attempt of all time.

Fics Involving the St. Louis Blues (mostly crossed with Chicago):
~The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine, by Rsadelle. Tazer/T.J. Oshie. Until there's more stories where Tazer is BFF with Kaner but dating T.J., this one will do. Now I need a convincing Kaner/Sam Gagner.
~Shake the Mountains When They Dance, by NordicWrites. David Backes/Kaner, Backes/T.J. Oshie, Kaner/Tazer. David and Pat end up dating when it seems like their crushes on teammates are going nowhere. Of course, they're both wrong. REMOVED
~Top Shelf, Glove Side series, by Demotu. T.J. Oshie/David Backes as an established pairing, both fics feature Kaner as the invited third. Team America Olympics fics.   

Any Other Team & the rare Gen Fic:
~Let Me Make My Own Pattern, by xornej. Ryan Shannon/Dominic Moore. This one's got some melodramatic moments, and too much whispering, but I still have a soft spot for it. Ryan is gay and hung up on Dom; Dom is straight, and hung up on Ryan -- which leads to homophobia, abuse, and eventual therapy. REMOVED
~It's Complicated, by Just_Katarin. PK Subban/Carey Price. PK is sexually open and romantically dumb, so he spends the majority of the story not realizing that he is in love with Carey, Carey is in love with him, and they had better talk sometime during all this casual sex.
~I enjoyed Just-Katarin's comment-fics about couples including Bobby Ryan/Ryan Getzlaf, PK Subban/Carey Price, Jordan Staal/Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin, and best of all, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Patrick Sharp.
~All I Can Taste Is This Moment, by ObscuredMemory. Taylor Pyatt/Paul Bissonnette. A prime example of the woke-up-married-in-Vegas genre, and since it's BizNasty they actually have a plausible reason to be there in the first place.
~Love Online, by iBear. The L.A. Kings Twitter/The Columbus Blue Jackets' Twitter (I know - and I can't decide if that makes this gen or not). Cabbie covers the league's response to this budding romance.
~Even the weight of our voices not speaking, by Athenejen. Finally, a Weber/Suter pining fic I can rec wholeheartedly.
GEN (excepting those fics already in the Theme sections)
~There's a commentfic that hopefully will turn into real-fic featuring the NHL as secret agents with the exception of Alex Ovechkin. :D
~Just Knock Three Times And Whisper Low, by Withdiamonds. All Teams, crack. There's a man in Brooklyn who tells you where to go during the lockout.
~The Hockey Gods Must Be Crazy, by Solarcat. Featuring the Penguins & Blackhawks, with a little Oilers, Avalanche and Capitals. Crackfic - if you pray at a shrine to Gretzky's puke in Winnipeg, the hockey gods just might let you win the Cup.
~Be The Puck, by ipreferaviators. Crackfic - sometimes Andrew Shaw actually IS a puck.
~To Make Us Public Sport, by Petra. A crossover with Slings and Arrows, which I know nothing about, but it doesn't really matter. The NHL is sponsoring the theater company, but they have to make a commercial with some of the hockey players first, and if there's anything we know about hockey players and commercials, it's that they are terrible.
~Valhalla, by ifonlynotnever. Sidney Crosby gets a late-night phone call from Patrick Kane in June 2013. EDIT: now a series called The Lives of Saints, and going Sid/Kaner (!).
~The Long-Suffering Tales of Steve From Admin, by barefootstarz. The POV is that of an OC, but don't let that keep you away - he's a great window into the Capitals dynamic circa 2012. 
~It's Always Sunny, by ionthesparrow. Demonic soul-eaters: the only logical explanation for Philadelphia since approximately mid-2000s.
~You All Did Love Him Once, by merisunshine36. An alternative Philadelphia explanation - Claude Giroux's on a quest to remove the curse on his team.
~Stay Beautiful, Chicago, by Nebulia. Sharpy doesn't take being the butt of a joke well. Future fic that features Madelyn Sharp/Joey the Junior Reporter.
~Tyler Ennis's Big Gay Fiction Quest, by McSpot. Featuring the ensemble of the Buffalo Sabres. Tyler Ennis is desperate to get the internet to love him & his team, and since a sign of love seems to be gay fanfiction... 


Ladies in the NHL
Not that we actually need to change the rules of the NHL for this - witness the NHL actually having had a female player before. But when these stories are written, it's usually about a couple of existing players having grown up female. EDIT: those fics in series are now at the bottom of the section.
~Shihadchick's commentfics about Sydney Crosby [this appears to be the the most common feminization of Sidney's name] and her dating a) Geno Malkin, b) Jordan Staal, c) lady!Jordan Staal. These fics appear to have inspired several more stories about Sydney Crosby and those teammates of hers; Pink Taco Buffet by Impertinence is one, with Syd/Geno/Jordy. Get Going is another Syd/Geno, possibly unrelated.
~Impertinence's stories about Jess Skinner and her awkwardly besotted captain Eric Staal: Yet Again and chatfic sequel.
~Arriviste has a WIP about Jess Skinner called Born to the Hurricane. It's set in a world where Sidonie Crosby breaks the gender barrier, and so Jess Skinner quits figure skating and takes to hockey full-time.
~There's also the occasional fic about Dani Briere, divorced mother of three who puts up with the usual gender-biased nonsense about this. Here's one where she picks up Gabriel Landeskog of Colorado after a game: Wait To Be Ashamed, by Doctor Denmark.
~Pat(ricia), by Friskaz. This one's a little different - Patrick Kane is hiding that she's really Patricia.
~The Mike Richards & Jeff Carter show only gets better when Richie is female. There's some untitled snippets of a story where she and Jeff awkwardly move towards sex together rather than just listening to each other: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. There's also a very short commentfic positing lesbian!Ritchie as the worst cockblock ever.
~Rule 604(a) by Puckling. Assorted pairings, including most of the ones previously mentioned in this post. The story is actually 19 stories, each one with a different player having always been female (everyone else is still male, except for the 19th story), and the plot focusing on birth control, of all things.
~Close, Very Very Close, by Bestliar. Carter/Richards. As the author put it, Jenni Carter almost becomes the Crazy Cat Lady of Columbus.
~There is a Lake in Me, by Hauntologie. Sid/Geno. Sid's going for the gold medal in heterosexual sex. Geno pines, and then wakes up female - with the obvious outcome. Extra points for the Flower and Gonch characterizations. 
~Never Get Too Much, by Mardia. A Eric Staal/Cam Ward story, not linked to the Erica Staal series because Cam's the girl in this one. LOCKED
~Along similar lines, Like You Might Surrender, by Outlawed. Eric/Cam, seduction via a nail polish session. LOCKED
~Drawing Lines in the Palm of Your Hand, by sharksdontsleep. Pat has AIS, but considers herself to be a female - although she's not going to say that to the NHL or the Olympics committee. A surprise is in store for gay Tazer. LOCKED
~I Don't Think You're Ready, by Siegeofangels. Sydney Crosby's second year in the NHL. Extra points for having no relationships, and for having every guy get something a little wrong when dealing with her.
~Shut Up Honey, by Aohatsu. Finally, a Kaner/Tazer where they're both female - and I find it believable that they've missed the fact that they're both crushing on each other.
~Dress for the Weather, by Electrumqueen. Finally, a fic that uses current female players instead of genderflip! AU in which the NHL tries gender integration about 5 years from now; a retired Sidney Crosby and AU Kaner & Tazer (who never made it in the NHL because they were outed before the draft) do feature, but just as much of the story is about the women. I want a thousand more stories in this vein. WIP.
~The Shadow and the Frame, by longtime_lurker. One of the stories where temporary genderflipping is a disease like chicken pox. Kaner gets it first, and then Tazer, and then lesbianism happens. I appreciate the lesbianism and the serious themes equally.
~A long commentfic/meta theorizing about Erica Staal, Sydney Crosby, and Trish Kane, and the kind of horrible media attention they would get as women NHLers, eventually this resulted in the fic series by Mardia, beginning with Five Hockey Players Erica Staal Never DatedLOCKED.
~On the lighter, more porny side, there's Angelsave's stories about Bobbi Ryan and her awkwardly besotted teammate Ryan Getzlaf, beginning with Hold Tight (Hi C Ya!).
~That Girl Is A Goddamn Problem series, by Asylee. It starts with Sleep with every window open, about how Sydney is the woman who broke the gender barrier, and the ways she deals with that fact (also featuring Tricia Kane). There's a WIP sequel involving Dani Briere called Sometimes the Little Parts Get Free.
~We Like To Get Our Kicks In This One Way series, by Nebulia. While a good number of the stories are about fem!Kaner/Tazer, I liked the ensemble pieces better - those feature Sydney Crosby, Mattie Duchene, Jordan Eberle and Marcia Staal (Marcia = my favorite. Love that she brings Martin St. Louis to official NHL functions.).
~The NHLGA series, by kitsune. See, this is the way I think integration would actually happen, because men are sexist about violence - they'd let women in, but only as goalies. This AU is a world in which all of the goalies are female (although there's hints that this isn't 100% true - Fleury appears to be male, for one thing). Some gender-bending (ex. Henrika Lundqvist).

Fics About Players Turning Into Animals
I decided this deserved its own section... it seems to be a popular trope. I'm including temporary shifts as well as permanent abilities. 
~Turtleshark! by James. The San Jose Sharks freak out their newest teammate when they casually shapeshift into turtles. Some turtle/turtle, and other implied pairings.
~Herd of Staalions, by James. Eric and Jeff are dating, so Eric reveals the family secret - they're part centaur. Jeff is the opposite of surprised. Eric/Jeff.
~The Skies Are Not Cloudy, by Sameboots. Tazer is a shapeshifter - there was more to that Order of the Buffalo than Kaner knew. Kaner/Tazer. LOCKED
~Gone to the Dogs, by beatperfume. Tazer is suddenly cursed into becoming a puppy. Some Kaner/Tazer implied, but they're not there yet.
~Loosening My Grip, by Shoemaster. The one where Seabs is a werewolf. Duncs/Seabs. 
~The Cat-Bros Series, by Angelsaves: He gets drunk and then tries to eat the lasers at the dance club, and sequel The ticket read "found nude in a tree", which are both about the Bruins players Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin. Marchand is the werecat, who's hung up on his teammate. Marshy/Segs. The somewhat unrelated third part, Gray in the Dark, is about Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin - Geno's the werecat. Sid/Geno.
~Try to Map the Ocean, by oflights. Geno takes care of Sidney when he suddenly turns into a penguin. Sid/Geno.
~Barking Up the Wrong Tree, by halfeatenmoon. Jeff Skinner's not a were-wolf. Gen.
~The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered At All, by Forochel. Kaner/Tazer. Kaner turns into a hedgehog, and Tazer has to take care of him.
~Kitten Therapy for the Hockey Player's Soul, by In_Decisions. Hallsy/Ebs. They're in the middle of ruining their friendship, so thankfully Ebs suddenly turns into a kitten.
~In All The Corners Of Your Heart, by rsadelle. Carter/Richards. Richie's an alpha werewolf, and Jeff's his human packmate. From Philly through Columbus to LA. 


Primers and helpful stuff:
~Thoughtfully, Just Katarin created an index of decent hockey RPS fic. Here's hoping it's updated regularly.
~The Kaner/Tazer Primer (the pairing everyone is defaulting to)
~The Mike Richards/Jeff Carter Primer (hockey's tragic-turned-sappy romance)
~The Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin Primer (because Sid is the best hockey-playing robot the NHL has ever purchased, and Geno is the best "pining Russian" fandom has produced)
~The Sidney Crosby Timeline, -- seriously, all players should get timelines, because I don't see how you could keep fic chronology straight without them.
~The (Extremely Exhaustive) Evgeni Malkin Primer
~The Alex Ovechkin Primer
~The For Your Consideration series of primers on players
~Sociofemme's Primer of Primers
~TidalWave16's Helpful Guide to Hockey Rules, complete with example vids.

Ridiculousness and Blogs:
~Textsfromlastperiod. Exactly what it sounds like.
~The Fourth Vine fell into hockey shortly after I did, and her posts about the fandom are great.
~If I watch any Columbus games next year, it will be because the manager runs with the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits tropes and signs Hunwick. I feel strongly that all goalies should be able to stand in the net without crouching. NOTE: they did not sign Hunwick, which is terrible, but they did make a lot of awesome decisions... and got a new nickname. Go Lumbus!
~Down Goes Brown updates at least once a week with a hilarious take on hockey news. (With a bit of an emphasis on Toronto.)
~One Girl, One Puck is another blog, with a soft spot for the Kings.
~Backhand Shelf  is a website that has several bloggers.  EDIT: Closed as of late April 2014.
~Puck Daddy is also worth a look, if you like hockey news.

Vids and Other Visual Arts:
~Pavel Datsyuk: The Datsyukian Deke. I can't quite decide what I like better, the way goalies look like beached seals in the face of his drive to the net, or the few times he gets opposing players to crash into each other while he skates away looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. The use of Elvis's A Little Less Conversation as the theme music was inspired.
~When We Were Kings. A summary of the Stanley Cup Finals, games 1-6, between the New Jersey Devils and the Los Angeles Kings. Nicely done, with two long songs that I feel I should recognize as good background music - and thankfully the songs do not override the commentary.
~Black Parade Finale. In a similar vein to When We Were Kings, since I am still not over the L.A. Kings' 2012 narrative.  It's much shorter, though; see title for music chosen (destined to become team theme song, yes?).
~The Ask The Canes series of commercials by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Easily found on Youtube, but the ones I've watched and enjoyed are here and here. These guys just do not know the answers to these questions - or their answers are excruciatingly dudebro.
~Puck Over Glass, which portrays fairly accurately how everyone has felt about this ridiculous penalty this year. The choir is a nice touch.
~The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's cover of  Chelsea Dagger. Awesome - the only drawback is that it isn't longer.
~Lockout Man, which I watched repeatedly the days after it came out. Doesn't it feel like the lockout was a million years ago?
~Hockey-themed Comics, #1 and #2, by Molly Brooks. 


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ooooh, I've been looking for a copy of Do You hear What I Am Saying forever. Could you send me the .mobi also? {}

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Any chance you could send me the .mobi you have of Do You Hear What I Am Saying? I'd be very appreciative. :)

email: wutendeskind [at] gmail [dot] com

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I really appreciate you doing this. :D

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Also in the interest of sharing, you mentioned not having all the ones that have been taken down saved. I have to look more closely when I'm not on my phone, but may have quite a few. I know at least that I have some and I'm certainly willing to return the favor.

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This rec list is fantastic, thanks for putting it together! Sometimes it can be hard to figure out where the quality fic is outside of the huge Kane/Toews pairing, so this a great collection.

I'd also like to jump on the request bandwagon--any chance I could get copies of Shake the Mountains When They Dance, Homemaker Game Changer, and Do You Hear What I'm Saying?

My email is

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I have had the kind of week that makes super melodramatic guilty pleasure reading sound amusing, so if you happened to save a copy of "Let Me Make My Own Pattern" could you please send it to me at taylor_serenil AT hotmail (or possibly outlook, Microsoft switched it) DOT com? Also, please add me to the list of people who want a copy of "Shake the Mountains When They Dance" because it was a really good read.

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Okay, I'm jumping on the bandwagon here after exhausting the available fic at AO3. (I tried to space it out, but eventually I had to hit the metaphorical fic wall, right?) Anyway, I'm looking to see if you have any of the removed Kane/Toews fics saved and if you'd be willing to send them to me at

You are an amazing person for creating this post - seriously - and it reminds me why I need to continue saving fics on my e-reader. Ah, life is hard.

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Hi, I hope this isn't too weird--I stumbled on this post attempting to find a copy of How to Become a Man; would it be possible to get a copy of that and Do You Hear What I'm Saying? sockandbull [@] gmail

Thanks so much! :D

Possible Liketheroad Hockey RPF source

Date: 2013-04-03 02:57 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] jazter
I just read on a rec page on someone's blog that said that Liketheroad's fanfic journal still has his/her Hockey RPF on it. It's friends' only but still friending:

I'm not on LJ or I'd friend and report back. So maybe someone who is on LJ could check and report here? Could be worth getting LJ.

Kane/Toews Fic

Date: 2013-04-13 07:10 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] zingala

I'm new to the fandom and definitely appreciate your list/information. Do you have any copies of the Kane/Toews fics by liketheroad or beyondtheclouds that were removed from AO3? If so, can you send them to me? I've seen them recced on other lists and I'm longing to read them based on the descriptions. My e-mail is Thanks.

Re: Kane/Toews Fic

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Date: 2013-04-15 08:52 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] houseofgreyjoy
I hope im not being a bother but i lost a few fics after my lovely mac decided to crash and ended up finding you while trying to search for them. I was hoping you could email them to me.
Do You Hear What I Am Saying? by Andyworks
Homemaker, Game Changer
Shake the Mountains When They Dance
and any fics you have by liketheroad and beyondtheclouds
Thank you so much if you can. My email is

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Date: 2013-04-15 10:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You list, Sugar, We're Goin' Down, by anon? The college years and a game of Have You Ever.
but it's not on Ao3 anymore do you have a copy?

And can I have whatever you have of liketheroad and Beyondtheclouds stuff?

My email is


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Hey everyone !

I fall into the hockey fandom not long ago and i'd like to know if someone can send me the "likearoad" fic ?

my email is :

Thanks in advance

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Sorry for asking you to email me a fic again, but could I have a copy of ~Homemaker, Game Changer, by Mockturtletale?

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Hi there, I just stumbled across your list while looking for some fics. I was wondering if you could send me Liketheroad and Beyondtheclouds fics as I would really love to read them. My email is: Thank you in advance :)

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I just discovered your ficlist and it's so great!!! Is it possible to get a copy of Do You Hear What I Am Saying and the nordicwrites fic? My email is

Liketheroad on AO3 again

Date: 2013-06-25 08:25 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] jazter
All of the liketheroad fics mentioned above as having been removed from AO3 are now back on AO3. They are locked so one needs to be an AO3 registered user to access them, but as of today, liketheroad has 22 hockey rpfs up.

Would you perhaps consider putting a reply to this post each time you've updated your list with the new fics you're updating with? This is an excellent recs list but I have a hard time figuring out which ones I've read and which are new to me when the new ones are not indicated in any way without reading half of them again!

Re: Liketheroad on AO3 again

From: [personal profile] jazter - Date: 2013-08-13 08:15 pm (UTC) - Expand

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Date: 2013-06-27 03:34 am (UTC)
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Hi I just came across your list and it is great is there any chance that you could please send me a copy of the nordicwrites fic shake the mountains when they dance? If yes please send to thanks
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