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Even though I doubt that this will ever be a big fandom for me, I like the idea of it having a post of its own.
EDIT: Haha, who was I kidding about this being a small fandom?  LAST UPDATED: 7/3/13

Most of the fic I found has been Arthur/Eames. Go figure.

~The Allowed series: Allowed, and Kiss Trick, and Suck Me In, by the_ragnarok. Eames is asexual, and happy to have a relationship with Arthur, but Arthur has a few more difficulties with the first part of that conjunctive phrase.
~The Boy Who Spoke With Ghosts, by AvocadoLove. Some Arthur/Eames, but more gen. A crossover with the Sixth Sense, where Arthur is that kid Cole all grown up. He doesn't let people into his dreams, because he doesn't think that the unquiet dead will go over well.
~Crime and Medicine, by eleveninches. A "the-movie-was-all-a-dream" fic, but with a complicated twist: basically, everyone on the Inception Team plus Fischer was really extracting the secret of inception from Cobb, who has dreamed up pretty much everything past marrying Mal. The Team members aren't necessarily like who they appeared to be in the dream, either in age or personality. The story is about Arthur finding out that the dream was a con by Fischer, and the authorities are after them all now. He runs to Eames, who turns out to be a nerd, albeit one with shooting skills.
~Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer, by eleveninches. Eames makes a career shift to all-purpose extractor/forger and in doing so steals Arthur from Cobb as his new point man and boyfriend.
~Go Ask Arthur, by fictionalcandle. A rare gen fic; Arthur always knows where Eames is, but how?
~In Our Line of Work, by Linckia-blue. Background Mal/Dom. Another "the-movie-was-all-a-dream" fic. In this one, Arthur wakes up, having spent 10 subjective years dreaming, redoes his life and then hunts for Eames.
~Just a Little Touch, by AvocadoLove. In a world where everyone is a Dom or Sub and bonded together by touch, Arthur makes one cranky, paranoid Sub, and Eames struggles to persuade him to accept their bond. EDIT: removed from the internet (why?).
~Metaphors As Mixed As You Can Make Them, by halflinen. Eames makes a mistake early in their acquaintance, and Arthur finds out after they get together; the rest of the story is Eames' slow and painful redemption.
~The Pavlov's Bell series: Pavlov's Bell and Part 2All's Fair in Love and Werewolves andPart 2 and Part 3What Happens in Reno, and The Werekitten Chronicles and Part 2 andPart 3, all by The Cake Dispensary. AU, in that they still have dreamsharing, but Eames is a werewolf and Arthur is "slightly feline". The first story is the get-together, the second story is Eames' family's reaction, the third story is a flashback to pre-story 1, and the final story has mpreg and babies.
~Presque Vu, by Rageprufrock. Background Mal/Dom. The one where Arthur and Mal were friends for years, and we see them grow up from naive college students to criminal dream-infiltrators.
~The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized, by the_ragnarok. Another AU with mpreg; people are alphas, betas or omegas, and omega males can get pregnant. Add in a healthy dose of politics.
~Three's a Crowd and sequel The Third Wheel, by downwardlinear. Arthur's the side affair in Eames & Eames' ex-wife's permanent love affair. In the sequel, Eames finally loses his co-dependence on his ex-wife.
~Tu es la belle et moi la bete, by Tequilideas. Eames' POV. In which Eames gains some canine characteristics after forging a dog.
~Uncertainty, by Joosetta. Really more gen, but the linked pictures imply Arthur-->Eames, at least. Buried in Eames' subconscious is information someone else left behind.
~The Waking Years, by Weatherfront. The article about who's dating whom in the extraction community makes them think about actually doing it.
~With Regard to the Shadowboxers, by Weatherfront. Arthur and Eames keep pranking each other, but it's really like pulling pigtails. Bonus of pretty art at the end.
~Wunderkind, by Mirabella. Eames won't have sex with Arthur because Arthur looks underage. It's up to Arthur to convince him that he isn't. 

~The Helix Trap, by Croik. Eames/Fischer, Arthur/Ariadne. Author summary: After the Inception proves successful, Eames tracks down Robert out of concern for its unusual side effects. Meanwhile, Arthur is hired to a dangerous job that forces the rest of the team to take sides: whether to defend Robert and his fragile mind, or ruin him completely.
~Here in Spain I am a Spaniard, by soda_and_capes. Some Eames-->Arthur, Everybody/Nash, and Arthur/Cobb/Mal in background, but the final pairing is Eames/Yusuf. Eames and Arthur share POVs. Eames is trans, and doesn't have much luck explaining it to people.
~Irregular Edges and sequel by recrudescence. Eames/Saito. Saito trusts Eames as the most skilled and honest - in his own fashion - member of the team. He turns to him to remind himself that he's alive. In the sequel, Eames is seriously considering extracting Saito's memories of Limbo.
~Synergy, by AirgiodSLV. A crossover with Criminal Minds. Arthur/Spencer Reid, but all Eames' POV. Eames goes to Washington DC to keep tabs on the FBI investigation into dreamsharing, and is surprised to find that Dr. Reid provides Arthur a home/base. Crime-solving ensues.
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