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This fandom has been a great way to start 2011. A viable and popular OT3 is always welcome. As for the canon, I appreciate genuinely happy marriages, non-"controversial" gays and whip-smart dialogue.

Non-OT3 Fics:
You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way), by jmtorres. Gen - oh, and consider Peter/Elizabeth to be forever implied in "gen". AU: Peter and Neal have a different relationship than you think - it's familial.
Somewhere I Have Never Travelled, by Sam Storyteller. Peter/Neal, but edging toward the OT3 at the end. That AU whence Peter became an accountant, and Neal came to rob the company. 
Worldwalking, by Sholio. Gen. Keller, and then Neal, can walk between universes. This matters when Keller takes Peter.
Paper Chase, by Sam Storyteller. Gen; a crossover with Sherlock. Sherlock and Neal meet up, partners in tow; they solve a case and challenge each other to a game of wits. There's also a sequel appropriately titled Rematch.
Pockets Full of Stones, by pprfaith. Gen; a crossover with Thor. Neal is one of Loki's children - the only one not accounted for by Asgard.

OT3 Fics:
Contractual Obligations (A Love Story in Three Traffic Lights), by Shaenie. A slow start to the OT3, focusing on the necessary conversations prior to.
Two Hundred and Eight Days, by ElandriaLore. A glimpse into how, by the time Neal could leave, he doesn't really want to.
Martyrs Never Last This Long, by out_there. Gen but background OT3, Mozzie-centric. How Mozzie learned to worry less and tolerate the Suit.
Eternal Spring, by Sam Storyteller. Gen but feels like OT3. It's always spring where Neal is. 


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