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I'll add to this entry as I find new stuff. :) All RPF other than Hockey goes here, with a concentration on Figure Skating.

Figure Skating RPF:

Worlds 2011, a kinkmeme fic. In which Johnny and Evan switch bodies right before the competition.
Any Lawful Impediment, and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4, another kinkmeme fic. In which there is an accidental marriage, and Johnny has no idea that Evan is and has been in love with him for years, so while there's plenty of sexual intimacy the love isn't reciprocated yet.  Stalled WIP as of August 2010.
Be One Traveler, by Harriet_vane. A few weeks before the Vancouver Olympics, Evan Lysacek wakes up in an alternate world - one where he's been dating Johnny Weir since the Torino Olympics.
Pulling Pigtails, Do You Like Me Y/Y/MFY, and The Wedding Special, by hapakitsune. Their game of gay chicken escalates until marriage is inevitable.
No Stranger to Upheaval, by Jerakeen. Johnny Weir/Stephane Lambiel. AU, Johnny never became a figure skater, but he still wants to learn skating. Cue the best birthday present ever.
Incidental Contact, by Shoemaster. This is the one that got me into Hockey RPS. Brent Seabrook/Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook/Johnny Weir. At the Olympics, Seabs has a fling with Johnny Weir. He doesn't quite understand why his friend is so offended by this... until Duncs makes his move. 

Other RPF
The Pinocchio Fallacy, by toft. A Mythbusters AU, in which one of the Mythbusters is actually an escaped sexbot. The difficulty is in determining when he has the free will to be capable of consensual sex.
The Tale of Squire Kristopher and the Black Dragon, by Fictionalcandie. An American Idol AU, a medieval fantasy version where the squire fails immediately at killing the dragon and becomes the dragon's eyecandy. Spoiler: the dragon shapeshifts in Kris's dreams, for NC-17 purposes. 
The Place of That Desire, by Yekoc. Swimming RPF, Phelps/Lochte. Ryan has a baby from a one-night stand (with a woman - it's not mpreg), and Michael finds it difficult to keep away.
The Death of Jensen Ackles, by James/Gila. Supernatural RPF, Ackles/Padalecki. Jensen has a rather severe allergy to kiwis, and a dangerous reaction spurs other events.
Where to Play, by Arkhein. Sort-of Beatles RPF. In an apocalyptic future, the robotic versions of the Beatles prepare for their biggest gig yet. Gen. 


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