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I really liked the Reboot of Star Trek, and was moved to look up fic almost immediately after I went to see it in the theater.  Luckily for me, there's been a lot of good fic out already; oddly, I was satisfied so quickly by the fandom that within months I was tired of looking for new stuff, so the recs here are all I'll be reading, ever (give or take a surprise).  I also have a very few fics for Deep Space Nine and the Original Series.

Deep Space Nine (all Garak/Bashir unless marked otherwise):
A Civil Death, by Regann; post-canon in which Garak returns to DS9, and the couple is in danger.
Altering Course, by AuroraNova. A novel-length exploration of what it would be like for Bashir to volunteer on Cardassia post-canon. 
~Exile, by The Hoyden; it's a take on what *will* happen in the Reboot universe once the time of DS9 rolls around. The Cardassians haven't left Bajor, and Bashir is a Federation exile working on Terak Nor.
~Going Native, by Regann; an alternate take on what could've happened when Bashir's enhancements were revealed.
~Letters from the Northern Continent, by The Hoyden; Bashir goes to Cardassia post-canon to help reconstruct, and gradually reconnects with Garak.
~Splintered: A Romance in Six Seasons, by Kelimian. Eventual Kelas Parmak/Garak/Bashir. It's another "Bashir goes to Cardassia", but longer than most and with a unique and thorough take on Cardassian culture.
~Recs for other fics at Pinboard

The Original Series (Kirk/Spock unless marked otherwise):
Incident Report, by K'Sal; Kirk and Spock express affection through a snarky correspondence.
This Deadly Innocence, by mecurtin; Kirk and Spock get to know their natures and each other better. A classic of the fandom.
Unintended, by cimorene; Kirk doesn't realize how his mannerisms turn Spock on.

and finally,
Star Trek XI "Reboot":
As Morning Shows The Day, by Jade Dragoness; Spock is deaged and Kirk takes care of him. Long WIP.
Breaking Points, by Ragdoll987; SpockPrime puts the idea in young Spock and Kirk's heads that a romance isn't out of the question.
Compatibility Test, by rhaegal; Spock agrees to have sex with Kirk as a - see title.
Five People Spock Loved And One Person He Fell In Love With, by Literose; Spock tells us about those people.
Home, by Lanaea; Kirk invites Spock home with him during the Enterprise's downtime for repairs, and they unexpectedly grow closer. Long and unfortunately Dead WIP.
~How High the Moon, by Kyliselle; Spock shields his mind from T'Pring's death on Vulcan, and consequently fails to notice or believe that he has bonded to someone else.
~Oasis and Mirage, by Kyliselle; Kirk ends up in another reality where Surak's reformation of Vulcans never happened.
Past Sorrows, Present Joy, followed by Future Bliss, then The Naked Time, then Out of Time, then Our Yesterdays and Tomorrows, all by KagedTiger; the mind meld in the movie makes Kirk interested in a relationship with his Spock.
So Wise We Grow, by Deastar; Spock and Kirk raise T'Pring's son.
~Table for Two, by Kyliselle; Kirk is embarrassed that he admitted his love to Spock, and is ready to get used to sitting at a table for one - luckily, he's overreacting.

For the Greater Good, by Meri. Aliens make the core crew members think they've had sex with the captain; Jim is surprised at who he enjoyed most. Background Spock/Uhura, and mental Kirk/Spock and Kirk/Uhura.
Leonard McCoy, Cheater of Destinies, by Ayalesca; McCoy has the power to see three times in his lives - yes, lives - that do go differently. EDIT: currently not online.
No-Win Scenario, by Anne Higgins; Kirk unwillingly admits he's in love.
Switch, by Ceres_Libera; a three-year epic-length story following Leo "Bones" McCoy and his friend Jim Kirk at Starfleet, through the events of the movie (sequels follow up in the aftermath of the movie and in the distant future).

Lunch and Other Obscenities, by Rheanna; an Orion and a Human learn more about each other's taboos and end up good friends after all.
Of Two Worlds, by Yahtzee63; Spock has the opportunity to choose between the Original and Reboot 'verses.

Now Disappear, by Hollycomb; Sulu despairs when his boyfriend gets amnesia.
Space Sickness, by Hollycomb; Chekov misses Sulu and comes down with a serious illness.

~Break, by Vaingirl; Gaila helps to save Jim from torture and then declares Orion-style that she loves him (Orions might have no words for rape, but they do have a legend of what one should do to a person who hurts your lover, and it involves beheadings).
~Start Again, by Vaingirl; Gaila wants to overcome Jim's bad past sexual experiences.

~Common Bond, by Florahart; two widowed parents meet and try their hands again at romance. Sarek/Winona Kirk.
Lie Back and Think of Starfleet, by curiouslyfic; Hikaru Sulu and Jim Kirk are getting married... again, and again. Kirk/Sulu.
Logic Demands That You Take Off That Ridiculous Hat, by igrockspock; Spock's parents meet during a mandatory camping trip for diplomats. Amanda/Sarek.
Logical Propositions, by StarTrekFanwriter; Kirk spends a year as the Starfleet Academy exchange student to the Vulcan Science Academy, and changes balloon from there. Kirk/T'Pring, background Spock/Uhura.
Multiple Perspectives, by jean_prouvaire; a grown Spock has to endure working with one of his childhood tormentors. Spock/Saval.

~Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit, by lazulisong. A Vulcan OC may be the best parent that Jim Kirk ever has; Jim has difficulty hiding his mastery of the Vulcan tongue. 
Not All Those Who Wander, by thedeadparrot; SpockPrime takes care of the little details while the new universe remains blissfully ignorant of his aid.
Species Diversity and You..., by grey_bard; a short humor story regarding Starfleet PSAs, specifically those for interspecies relations.
You're Gonna Make It After All, by igrockspock; despite a shaky start, Gaila does well at Starfleet Academy.
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